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Episode 3: Part 23

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Ugh... I don't know if I have norovirus or just food poisoning, but I am definitely ready for this crap to get out of my system! Sorry for the delay.

01/23/22 09:58 AM
Oldarmourer: I'm really going to have to start writing comments in a text file then c&p them, it's hard to see typos in one line, for me anyway ;(
01/23/22 09:57 AM
Oldarmourer: experiments in 'timing' the guns on erly aircraft ended up with quit a few shot up propellers, armouring them helped but the weight affectd performance pretty drastically, it was the introduction of an 'interruptor gear' that prevented the gun from firing when a blade was in line with the muzzle that made it really effective. I've surmised that shields work the same way, when a firing command is given, they switch to a frequency that lets the beam through but only for a spilt second then revert to the regular cycling, as for the flu, it's the flu, happened every year for many, many years and nobody said anything until there was money and control involved
01/22/22 06:55 PM
Oldarmourer: 'high voltage' to a slug likely wouldn't be very high compared to what a human can handle, "mud bath AND a TENS treatment ? Oh, the it as loing as you want to I won't talk"
01/17/22 10:58 PM
BrickVoid: Just keep yourself safe and keeep up on the medications! The comic doesn't matter, get well first, and worry about the comic later! :-)

Panel 1
Tajaran Engineer: Are you certain you have done your research correctly?
Tajaran Interrogator: I am certain! Their kind live on dry land.
    This is also why our salt weapon had no effect.
    Thus, this mud prison should be anathema to them!

Panel 2:
Lieutenant McDougal: Oh yeah. Absolutely terrible. The worst mud I've ever been tortured with.
Ensign Yuna: It's really opening up my pores.
Engineer: I believe they mock us.
Interrogator: Indeed. Happily... I did prepare another contingency.

Panel 3:
McDougal: Hoogily!!!
Yuna: Goggily!!
Interrogator: All our experiments have led us to believe that most living creatures find high voltage electrical current to be unpleasant.

Panel 4:
Interrogator: Now then... Let us continue.
    How many more your kind snuck aboard our vessel?
    What are their plans? Are more human ships en route?
McDougal: Go season yourself.
Interrogator: Very well. Another dosage then.
SFX: VMMM....!!!

Panel 5:
Interrogator: What is this? More sabotage?
Engineer: No... it is the engines!
    We have dropped out of warp!

Panel 6:
Tactical Officer Glugtor: My Lord.... we hae arrived at Wogglenather.
    Long range sensors were accurate. We detect no human ships.
Admiral Bokchow: Excellent. And the planet?
Glugtor: The fleabags have been busy. Many cities exist that our forebears did not view from Tajara at the time of our departure.
    Still... I detect no advanced weaponry in any of their cities.
Tajaran Secondary Science Officer: Many possible targets, my Lord... But I believe I have located their capital.
Bokchow: The great Hoshi has favored us, then! Begin orbital bombardment.
    And prepare our landing craft. I shall command our occupation force personally!

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