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Episode 3: Part 25

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If you were wondering if Bokchow is the only weirdo with green skin, no... he isn't. (They'd appear a bit more frequently, but we currently lack many of the green ones. That said, we have some Tajaran cultural reasons tied to that.)

Comments from the Tagboard:

02/07/22 05:37 AM
Pyradonis: I only know gorebulls from fantasy games.
02/07/22 01:24 AM
Swiftbow: I'm very confused what you're talking about right now.
02/07/22 12:23 AM
BrickVoid: @Oldarmourer: Aren't we lucky our planet doesn't liquify under the pressure of all the political 'gorebull warming'? it would have liquified long ago if not for some unknown force keeping it under control! :D
02/06/22 07:27 AM
Oldarmourer: the plaents that got 'liquified' had a lot of 'gorebull warming' ;) the writers were just ahead of their time...
02/01/22 01:02 PM
Swiftbow: Their ships are partially organic. Their landing platform is covered in grassy sod on the inside.
01/31/22 04:47 PM
BrickVoid: I'm a bit puzzked though, the Tajarans built advanced spaceships, yet their landing pad still looks like a riverbank! How will you write the lore up for that one, Swiftbow?
01/31/22 04:44 PM
BrickVoid: it's up, thanks Swiftbow! You live up to your tagboard handle! :D
01/31/22 01:00 PM
Swiftbow: Sorry... new one is up now! (Please refresh if you can't see it.)
01/31/22 11:22 AM
BrickVoid: it likely means Swiftbow uploaded the wrong image, as I'm seeing the same comic for 81 as for 80 too! Not to worry, @Swiftbow will fix it soon and then we'll get to enjoy it! :D
01/31/22 05:09 AM
BlackRing57: For page 81, I see the same image as page 80.

Panel 1
Admiral Bokchow: Ah... it has been long since I have inhaled the sweet odor of ionized plasma from our cannons.
    But I see very few dead enemies...

Panel 2:
Bokchow: Report, General! Has the enemy already surrendered? How disappointing.
Tajaran General: They have not, Admiral! In fact... the city seems to be deserted. We are puzzled.

Panel 3:
Bokchow: Glugtor! Have we been firing at ghosts?! Or have you failed me as Crabjug did?

Panel 4:
Tactical Officer Glugtor: How could you miss such an obvious thing, Glorkonk?!
Science Officer Glorkonk: I'm sorry, Glugtor, Sir... Crabjug's skills are much better than--
Glugtor: Do not speak of Crabjug!
    He shall be lucky if the Admiral does not execute him.

Panel 5:
Glugtor: *Ahem* Apologies, Admiral.... we had a... sensor glitch.
    But we have something new... it appears to be human technology!
    I believe they are shielding something outside the city.
Bokchow: Then why are you not destroying it already!?
Glugtor: It shall be done, My Lord!

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