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Episode 3: Part 26

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Jeffrey is referring to this scene.

By the way, if you also follow my (Swiftbow's) hand-drawn comic, Planescape Survival Guide, I finally updated it!

Comments from the Tagboard:

02/12/22 08:43 PM
Oldarmourer: It's not how much you damage, it's what you damage ;)
02/07/22 12:47 PM
BrickVoid: That doesn't sound like a sensor glitch! More like a big hole in the flagship! :D

Panel 1
Commodore Jeffrey Bannister: Well, the Tajarans found us!

Panel 2:
Jeff: How long can the shields take this?
Commander Dale Zurkett: I'm not sure... I don't think they're firing at full power.
    And the cruisers aren't firing, either.
    The Slug may be low on fuel...
    That's why they retreated before!
Jeff: So not because I said "surrender or be destroyed?"
Dale: Well... could have been both?
    Anyway... if they're refueling, we don't know how long before they have full power again.
Jeff: Can we get them to attack before that happens?
Dale: I was thinking the same thing. And Zack just found the Tajaran's frequency.

Panel 3:
Dale (comms): Hello, Tajarans...
Admiral Bokchow: What is this? Who speaks?
Dale (comms): Commander Dale Zurkett. I'm here with Commodore Jeffrey Bannister.
    Thought you might like to know... we're the humans that killed your LAST army.
    Kind of easily, actually...
Bokchow: You shall be melted into slag!
    My flagship shall char you from orbit! Ha ha ha!

Panel 4:
Bokchow (comms): Glugtor! Is the ship at full power?
Tactical Officer Glugtor: Nearly sir... but...
Bokchow (comms) But what?!?
Fill-In Tajaran Tactical: There's a minor fluctuation in the coolant conduit, My Lord.
Bokchow (comms) How minor?
Fill-In Tajaran Tactical: May just be a sensor glitch, Lord.
Bokchow (comms): Then stop wasting my time and fire!!

Panel 5:
SFX: Kablooey

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