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Episode 3: Part 27

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The marines stayed back to hold the line in Part 67.

And Happy Valentine's Day!

Comments from the Tagboard:

02/14/22 02:02 AM
BrickVoid: Hopefully it will take them long enough to repair for them to render a stolen warp drive inoperable. That's still a part of their primary directive, having boarded the ship, right?

Panel 1
Tactical Officer Glugtor: What just happened? We've lost primary power!
Tajaran Fill-In Tactical Officer: An explosion in a secondary plasma circuit!
    It somehow caused a chain reaction!
    We're on bettery power until we can reroute... Sabotage, sir! It has to be!
Glugtor: Deploy all available units to that location! And release Crabjug from his quarters.
    We need those systems back online!

Panel 2:
Major Taylor: Heh. That sould take a little while to repair.
    Good job, Mr. Ulbek.
Major Ulbek: And you, Mr. Taylor.
Colonel Hank Reynolds: That explosion should put them on the run and give us the opening we need.

Panel 3:
Ezzok: They're not all running the other way... I can hear a group... heading this way!
Hank: Taylor, Ulbek, fall back! Ezzok and I will cover.

Panel 4:
Hank: Get ready to-- wait! Hold fire!
    I don't believe it.

Panel 5:
Hank: Marines! I was damn sure they'd got you.
Marine Sergeant: Us, sir? Do these shirts look red to you?
    Erm... minus you, Thompson.
Hank: Are you all right, soldier?
Corporal Thompson: Hah... Just a little gut shot, Colonel. Nothing the doc can't fix.
    Stims and the bandages are holding me for now.

Panel 6:
Sergeant: What's the plan, sir? We're running low on power packs.
    And we've lost the shuttle... Yuna and McDougal are prisoners.
    Heavy guard on the brig.
Hank: I know. That's why we blew the conduit on the opposite end of the ship.
    Gentlemen... it's time for a jailbreak!

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