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Episode 3: Part 28

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For those unfamiliar with the Trill. Yuna's spots are mostly above her nose.

Comments from the Tagboard:

03/07/22 12:30 AM
BrickVoid: thank goodness for accidental misclicks! :D
03/07/22 12:29 AM
BrickVoid: Okay, I totally found out about this by accident, but Planescape has updated with a new comic! I would never have seen the update had I not had planescape's URL next to Star Trek Federation: Star Defense next to each other in my bookmarks list! :D
03/02/22 08:28 AM
Pyradonis: Thanks for reminding us Yuna is a Trill! I was again thinking she was a human with a very freckled nose.
02/28/22 12:12 PM
BrickVoid: I was hoping to find out what the transporter range would have been to rescue everybody and possibly teleport a stolen warp drive right out of the Tajaran ship it was placed in. Will tune in next week, though! :D
02/28/22 01:06 AM
Swiftbow: Hey, sorry... we ran short of time this week. Should be back to normal next weekend!
02/27/22 06:20 AM
Oldarmourer: I wonder if overloading a shuttle's or even a lifepod's engines in the Tajaran shuttlebay would make a big enough bang ? Not a complete meltdown but a good sized bang nonetheless...
02/27/22 06:17 AM
Oldarmourer: Some things you just can't fix that fast, matching the paint is a Starbase level job...
02/22/22 12:34 PM
BrickVoid: I meant, to the Intrepid, of course.
02/22/22 12:32 PM
BrickVoid: Now to the real comment: Is it just me, or does there appear to be battle damage that hasn't quite been fully repaired yet? :D
02/22/22 12:28 PM
BrickVoid: The problem with the captchas seems to be gone now. That was just weird. This is a test post.

Panel 1
Tajaran Engineer: Enough of this. Let's use the spikes.
    Spikes stab everything.
Tajaran Torturer: I concur.
Lieutenant McDougal: Actually, humans love spikes.
Ensign Yuna: That's right! And so do Trill.
Torturer: We shall test that by measuring your bleeding.
Torturer: Eh? Is that the door guard?

Panel 2:
Marine Sergeant: Clear!

Panel 3:
Colonel Hank Reynolds: McDougal, Yuna... are you all right?
McDougal: We're ok, sir. Just little... muddy.
Yuna: You might call us stick-in-the-muds. *cough* Sir.
Hank: That's good. But any more jokes like that and I'll have to assign you to carbon filter scrubbing.
    Ezzok... think you can get them out of that goop?
Ezzok: Yeah... it IS just mud, right?

Panel 4:
Ezzok: Ugh.. it's gonna get all over me.
    I had a bad experience with a swamp eel once. Couldn't get that gunk off my scales for a month.
McDougal: Get us out of here and I'll spring for a spa day.

Panel 5:
Ezzok (aside): What is a "spa day?"
McDougal (aside): I'll... explain later.
Major Taylor: Damn!
Hank: Taylor? Is there a problem?
Taylor: We're gonna have to up our timetable, Colonel...

Panel 6:
Taylor: Because the Intrepid is already here.

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