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Episode 3: Part 29

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Sorry for the delay! We will try to avoid more, but there's going to be some crazy weekends coming up. I will let you all know if the schedule is interrupted again.

Comments from the Tagboard:

03/09/22 11:15 PM
BrickVoid: It probably scrolled off ... One of these days I'll have to go through all the Planescape episodes. When free time and boredom dictate I want to do something different! :D
03/09/22 12:25 AM
Swiftbow: Hey, I'm glad you read Planescape, too. I DID mention on the tagboard that there was a new one, though :)
03/07/22 10:15 PM
BrickVoid: If I understand "painting" correctly, Colonel Reynolds has just suggested they start painting some targets for the Intrepit to shoot at! :D That's a brilliant move on his part, if he can pull it off! :D

Panel 1
Lieutenant Commander Natashia Staratt: Mr. Vern, lock phasers on the Slug. Target shield emitters and then weapons systems.
    And that awful Slow Dimension, if possible.
Tactical Officer Vern: Sensors locking!
    Shouldn't I raise our shields?
Natashia: Negative. Energize hull plating only.
    Hylia, contact the landing party.
    Chief, any luck with the Slug's core?

Panel 2:
Tech Chief Hawkins: Sorry, Commander... their engineering level is too heavily shielded.
    Switch to plan B?

Panel 3:
Natashia: Please do.
Andre Peters: Slug power output is low... I don't think their core is active.
Natashia: We have good timing, then.
    Mr. Vern... fire main phasers on target locks.
Vern: Yes, ma'am!
Science Officer Burns: Tajaran cruisers are moving to engage us.
Natashia: Set point defense phasers to autofire. Railgun teams at the ready.
    Talia, engage evasive maneuvers at your discretion.
Helmsman Talia: Engaging!

Panel 4:
Tajaran Science Officer: Sire, we are taking fire. Battery power is maintaining shield strength, but it will not last.
Tajaran Tactical Officer: The enemy vessel has no shields! They will not be able to withstand our cruisers.
Glugtor: Keep them back! It may be another Earthling trick.
    Cruisers are to maintain a screen between us and the enemy vessel until main power is restored.
    Tell Crabjug to set his priority to reactivating the Slow Dimension!

Panel 5:
Ensign Hylia (comms): Come in landing party! Do you require emergency beam-out?
Commander Dale Zurkett: Negative, Intrepid! We have active shields and a good defenseive position.
    Glad you could join us!
    And thanks for getting that plasma beam off our shield.
Hylia (comms): That wasn't us, Commander! The Slug isn't at full power.
Dale: Then Colonel Reynolds must still be alive!
    And hopefully he's just getting started.

Panel 6:
Colonel Hank Reynolds: This can't be all we can do.
Major Ulbek: Logically, it is. The plasma junction provided an exploitable weakness, but the damage is temporary.
    Their primary systems are all located in their main engineering section.
Marine Commander: We've visually reconned main engineering, sir.
    There are at least a hundred Tajarans, plus automated defense turrets. We don't have the arms or the manpower to breach it.
Major Taylor: Sir, I'm getting more sensor readings from outside... the Intrepid is firing on this ship.
Hank: Then maybe we CAN do something.
    Gentlemen, let's do some "painting."

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