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Episode 3: Part 30

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Plasma weapons (a variant is also used by the Romulans in TOS: Balance of Terror) are based on extreme heat, so the longer they travel through space, the more the plasma cools until it becomes ineffective. Other common weapons (phasers, disruptors) are focused beam weapons and do not suffer as much from this effect. Plasma in general deals greater potential damage, though!

Comments from the Tagboard:

03/29/22 02:08 AM Swiftbow: He got a Duplo set for Christmas, but he's still on the "knock things down" stage of building. Plus, yeah... the everything in the mouth stage, lol.
03/28/22 03:07 AM
Swiftbow: Almost done... will post later tomorrow. Or today, I guess. Monday!
03/25/22 12:49 PM
BrickVoid: Indeed. Has Trenton taken an interest in your LEGO collection? Once he gets past the "putting everything in mouth" stage, he might be able to play with some of your spare LEGO. Great LEGO webcomic authors start early! :biggrin:
03/22/22 11:31 PM
Swiftbow: We had that for awhile, but worked through the buffer. Getting multiple installments of photos in one session can be quite time consuming, and was definitely easier before babies were involved! But, it is our goal to get a buffer again. Hopefully in the near future.
03/21/22 12:27 PM
BrickVoid: Are you not able to set up a whole series of comics in a batch? It certainly would help with the publishing schedule. Just putting that out there. :heart:
03/21/22 12:49 AM
Swiftbow: Sorry, delayed again. Busy weekend plus this is a very effect-heavy installment. Will resume next week!
03/15/22 02:23 AM
Swiftbow: Well... no. Atoms weren't discovered until the early 1800s. Microscopes did not exist in the classical era. And even early microscopes could not see atoms.. they're too small.
03/14/22 07:56 PM
BrickVoid: Interesting, yes, perhaps they had not advanced sufficiently to properly lay out the table of elements back then?
03/14/22 05:33 PM
Swiftbow: Interesting tidbit... the classical Greek elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) were of course incorrect when it comes to atomic elements. But the classical elements DO coorespond to the four states of matter: Solid, Gas, Plasma, Liquid. Fascinating, no?
03/14/22 12:41 PM
BrickVoid: Welre 1AU, Astronomical Unit, from the Sun or 93 million miles from our own Sun. That's a pretty hot plasma!
03/14/22 12:37 PM
BrickVoid: Corona mass ejections from sunspots from our own sun are also a form of plasma ejection. Whenever the magnetic fields weaken some of it is ejected with great force, disruptive enough to take down 40 Starkink satellites in low Earth orbit. It's likely it's a lot hotter than the Tajarans can get their plasma or theirs would be a lot more effective. :D

Panel 1
No dialog

Panel 2:
Tajaran Tactical Officer: Shields are holding. But we are doing minimal damage.
    Cruiser plasma weapons need closer range for maximum effect!
Commander Glugtor: Where's that blasted Slow Dimension?

Panel 3:
Glugtor (comms): Crabjug! Report on your progress immediately!
Science Officer Crabjug: Bah! Every commander expects instant miracles.
    It's lucky they have me.
Tajaran Engineer: Then you have succeeded?

Panel 4:
Crabjug: Indeed. All systems restored.
    I have rerouted the plasma flow through secondary systems and removed the regulator that the Earthlings exploited.
    I would be cautious in overtaxing the system, Glugtor.
Glugtor (comms): Do not presume to give ME orders, Crabjug.
    Keep yourself busy and examine the Earthling invader's shuttlecraft.
Crabjug: *snarl* As you direct.

Panel 5:
Ensign Hylia: Commander, my sensor pings confirm. Their Slow Dimension is reactivating!
Lieutenant Commander Natashia Staratt: Were you able to send coordinates beforehand?
Hylia: Yes. I had reception confirmation before the field activated.
Natashia: Good. Then let's hope those cruisers finally take our bait.
    Relay the command through our signal buoy:
    "Squadron has a go."
Hylia: It's on its way!

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