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Episode 3: Part 31

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The Falcon-class fighters are all slightly different designs because they're all prototypes!
    Actually, the lead one is a ship I built a LONG time ago, and then my brother designed the other three off the same basic build structure. Working them into the comic was an idea for quite awhile! The lead pilot (Captain Jim Grant) is actually my first ever Lego character... he was originally a red Futuron space figure that came in my first ever Lego set. This set! My Dad found and bought it for me from Goodwill... it was only missing a couple parts! I built and rebuilt that one set a BUNCH. It wasn't too long before Legos became one of the main focuses of my allowance and my birthday and Christmas gift wishes.
    Eventually, after the paint on Jim's shirt started to fade (but his helmet DID NOT BREAK!), he got an upgrade to the Futuron shirt with the zipper across the middle. (I believe I moved his head over to the new figure, though, so it would still be the same guy.) And now he gets to appear in Star Trek! And yes... I DID name him after Jim Kirk, even though our Lego space adventures weren't Star Trek at the time. Our tales were set in the epic Futuron/Blacktron wars. With the Futurons nearly wiped out after their capital ship was destroyed while attempting a dangerous low-altitude maneuver to escape the Blacktron fleet. (Well, what actually happened was that my friend Sam (who would later play Zack in our Tajaran Attack movie) was flying his Blacktron ship and chasing me with my Futuron ship. And then I almost ran into a door. I avoided the collision... my ship did not. Epic explosion resulted... and we worked it into the story. The Blacktrons ruled the galaxy for some time... but the Futuron resistance continued and eventually triumphed and freed the galaxy from tyranny in Lego: The Movie. (No, not that one. The one we made up that only existed in the minds of several Lego-loving kids.)

Anyway... I also did a lot more effect shots for this page, but a bunch of them ended up being cut in the final draft. Ah well, lol... should be able to use them later!

Comments from the Tagboard:

04/24/22 10:48 PM BrickVoid: Hmm, there should be a comic up? Or are @Swiftbow and @DaniGeek too tired to make a comic after unpacking everything after the move? At this point, nothing would surprise me! :)
04/17/22 07:50 AM
Oldarmourer: It might be easter weekend, and everyone enjoy or observe as you see fit, but Passover is just starting and I'd already just about kill for a real sandwich :)
04/15/22 11:41 PM
BrickVoid: @DaniGeek: thank you for that information, now watch me forget it when you least expect me to!
04/15/22 10:16 AM
DaniGeek: @brickvoid: I'm gonna give you some important information. Travers is swiftbow, his brother Rioux is Brogan.
04/15/22 01:55 AM
Swiftbow: Yeah, it's Easter AND Trenton's birthday this weekend. I think I can finally get the Lego table reassembled maybe Sunday. So... I THINK we'll be back next weekend and hopefully resume a normal schedule.
04/14/22 12:28 PM
BrickVoid: I'm certainly not going to be worried if you need an extra week to get back on track, Easter long weekend is not to be missed! I'm not sure if Easter break varies in America from other countries, but thank you Swiftbow and Travers for all of the comics you have produced thus far!
04/14/22 12:26 PM
BrickVoid: If you celebrate Easter, may the Easter Bunny hide many eggs nearby!
04/14/22 12:23 PM
BrickVoid: It's Good Friday over here, the Easter break is upon us! Happy Easter to Travers and Swiftbow, and to all may you enjoy a good Easter Egg Hunt! :biggrin:
04/07/22 09:50 PM
BrickVoid: Thank you for the update. Any news is better than no news. :D
04/07/22 12:16 AM
Swiftbow: Move update... one more week, I think, as our Lego table is currently disassembled and I am preoccupied with getting our old house prepped for staging/sale.
04/05/22 12:04 PM
BrickVoid: I was speaking mostly of the Star Trek episodes. I'm aware of the fighters in the BSG remake, was a pretty good series, the Cylon angle I didn't like all that much, though. Otherwise a good series.
04/04/22 11:27 PM
Swiftbow: The single pilot Vipers were also in the reboot series. And, of course, single pilot fighters are quite prevalent in Star Wars! Also, Stargate had both 1 and 2 man fighters.
04/04/22 10:11 PM
BrickVoid: I don't even recall single pilot fighters in anything much other than Battlestar Galactica, the classic series. Pretty good takeoff sequence fors a series that was mostly reliant on special effects applied either on-set or overlaid on the film afterwards.
04/04/22 11:02 AM
Swiftbow: Some fighters do appear later in DS9 (both Starfleet vessels and the Maquis Raiders), but it's unclear how large they are. The Maquis Raiders seem to be 1-2 man craft in a lot of scenes, but in Voyager, it seems to be crewed by like 50 people. In any case, the Federation is not widely known for single pilot fighters!
04/03/22 12:54 PM
BrickVoid: Moving house takes time, why not complete the move first, then come back to the comic? If you had mentioned you were moving you should have announced an extended chapter break. Just my opinion, moving should have been announced beforehand and given completion priorirty. Thank you for what you hvae been able to post! :D
04/03/22 05:33 AM
Oldarmourer: I seem to recall some mention of fighters and carriers in the 'technical manual' and of course Star Fleet Battles, B5 and Battlestar made the best use of them, pity we never got to hear Picard say 'launch fighters' although I do seem to remember some intercom chatter about pilots and squadrons in 'Yesterday's Enterprise' might have to look it up later :)
04/03/22 12:20 AM
Swiftbow: Hey, apologies again... moving is taking a large bite out of my time and energy. But! This weekend should complete the bulk of the move, then it's mostly going to be getting whatever is left and then prepping the old house for sale. So... hopefully, after this week, we will be back onto a more normal schedule.
03/29/22 11:27 PM
BrickVoid: The Tajarans probably didn't think anything this small could attack them! :D It will be interesting to see where the plot takes this arc!
03/29/22 11:26 PM
BrickVoid: *future regular LEGO that he'll eventually acquire*
03/29/22 11:25 PM
BrickVoid: Hopefully Trenton is enjoying his Duplo set! Once he gets old enough, it can also be integrated into his regular LEGO sets, since the 2x4 and larger LEGO bricks are designed to interlock on the underside. :D Should be interesting to see what he decides to build with it all!

Panel 1
Lieutenant Commander Natashia Staratt: Andre? Did I catch a concerned sound from you?
Andre Peters: What? No. Well... a little one, maybe.
    We're asking a lot from those fighters.
Natashia: But you thoroughly examined them..
    The Ferengi didn't sell us damaged goods, did he?
Andre: No, the ships are in great shape. But we had one day to train new pilots. And just in the simulator!
    Plus we're counting on that signal buoy to bypass the Slow Dimension!
    If it didn't get through...
Ensign Hylia: I'm sure that buoy worked!
Natashia: And I'm sure about our squad. They may not have flown Falcon-class before... but Captain Jim Grant was an ace test pilot with Starfleet marine corps.
    We couldn't ask for a better squadron commander.

Panel 2:
Captain Jim Grant: You heard the message Falcon Squadron! We have a go!
    Divert excess main power to frontal shields and phaser cannons.
    Hold on torpedo and rail attacks until I give the order.
    Remember: speed is our main defense. Keep your fingers on those warp buttons.
    Prepare for warp skip... and watch out, boys. This'll feel a little bumpy.
    I hope no one had a big lunch.

Panel 3:
Tajaran Tactical Officer: Enemy vessel is fully enveloped, Commander!
Commander Glugtor: And our cruisers?
Tactical Tajaran: En route to destroy the humans!
Tajaran Science Officer: Sir... I'm getting unusual readings.
Glugtor: Eh?

Panel 4:
Tajaran Science: Some extremely small objects... sensors thought they were debris.
    But then they warped toward us. And then stopped?
    But now they seem to be multiplying.
    This can't be. Perhaps I should run a diagnostic.

Panel 5:
Tajaran Science: It can't be an attack. Humans don't use vessels as small as this.

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