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Episode 3: Part 32

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Avid Star Trek fans will probably recognize the "warp skip" as being quite similar to the Picard Maneuver. Because it is! The fighter's design is based on exploiting that particular maneuver... jumping into warp repeatedly for short bursts to create sensor ghosts (mostly on the visible spectrum) and confuse enemy defenses.
    The color shift of Wogglenather and the Flying Slug toward purple is due to the warp, too... they're seeing higher spectrum light as they accelerate towards the objects, and also briefly seeing sensor ghosts of their own.


Comments from the Tagboard:

05/01/22 05:54 AM
Oldarmourer: "Hit-and-Run" tactics are great most times, it's the running that's the hard part.
04/25/22 12:23 PM
BrickVoid: Nicely done! I like the warp effects and with the planet Wogg,lenather in the background, it gives some perspective to work with! :D
04/25/22 01:31 AM
Swiftbow: It's up now!
04/24/22 10:48 PM
BrickVoid: Hmm, there should be a comic up? Or are @Swiftbow and @DaniGeek too tired to make a comic after unpacking everything after the move? At this point, nothing would surprise me! :)

Panel 1
Captain Jim Grant: Intrepid is under attack!
    Squadron: set to manual fire. Warp skip for 1 second burst.
    Then engate the Slug for first volley.
    And... GO!!!

Panel 2:
Jim: And... GO!!!

Panel 3:
Lieutenant Mike Petroski: God, that was nothing like holodeck sim.
    I think I'm gonna be sick...
Jim: None of that yet, squadron! One more jump.
    First volley away! Skip again!

Panel 4:
No dialog.

Panel 5:
Jim: Watch their shield grid, squadron! Fire at will!

Panel 5:
Lieutenant Cal Bannon: They're trying to shoot us!
Jim: They're targeting our sensor ghosts!
    Evasive maneuvers and get ready to skip out of here!
Mike: Ugh... can't we just get shot instead?
Lieutenant Doug Collins: Forget your dramamine, Mike?
Mike: Yeah yeah, yuck it up, Collins.

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