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Episode 3: Part 33

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Comments from the Tagboard:

05/10/22 10:30 AM
BrickVoid: Hmm, it's Tuesday in the US already! What happened to the upload of the comic?
05/08/22 09:56 PM
BrickVoid: @Swiftbow @DaniGeek: I just learned that it's Mother's Day in the US. Or was, very recently. Happy Mother's day, hopefully Trenton is enjoying himself too, nothing could be better than mum and baby spending quality time together! Happy celebrations to you all! :heart:
05/08/22 02:41 AM
Swiftbow: Will be a day late with this one, I think.
05/04/22 01:26 PM
BrickVoid: More like the antithesis of thinking, to my mind!
05/04/22 03:55 AM
Pyradonis: Thinking really isn't encouraged in Tajaran culture, is it?
05/02/22 12:06 PM
BrickVoid: "painiting" with his army onboard the slug. When do we get to see how this "painting" is coming along? :D
05/02/22 12:05 PM
BrickVoid: We last saw Colonel Hank Reynolds talking about doing some "

Panel 1
Tajaran Science Officer: Sir, we still cannot track the fighters! Shields are down to 20%!
Commander Glugtor: What is this incompetence?! Destroy those fighters! Wrap them in the Slow Dimension!
Tajaran Tactical Officer: We cannot entrap the fighters without freeing their battleship.
    There is not enough power!

Panel 2:
Glugtor: Did we not retrieve fuel from the vile dogs on the planet below?! These are excuses!
Tajaran Tactical: I can't change physics. The fighters are covering too wide an area!
Glugtor: Grah! Do what you must. Entrap those fighters!
    I will not be the one who fails Lord Bokchow.

Panel 3:
Location Box: Meanwhile... on Wogglenather...
Admiral Bokchow: What is this?! I come to witness glorious victory, but my frontline hides behind a hillock?
    Where is your General?

Panel 4:
Tajaran Colonel: He was killed by phaser fire, my Lord. I have assumed command.
Bokchow: Pah! An orange-face in charge of my main force!?
Colonel: I will earn my green-face, Lord Bokchow. You will see!
Bokchow: Then explain your idleness.
Colonel: We lost aerial support, my Lord. We are using artillery fire to weaken their shields.
Tajaran Comms Officer: My Lord!

Panel 5:
Comms Officer: Sir, the Slug sends you an urgent message.
Bokchow: Speak, Glugtor.
Glugtor (comms): *kssh* -- under attack--
    *kssh* -- fighters-- *kssh* --can't hit-- *kssh*
Bokchow: Bah! Repair this broken equipment. I do not have time for this!

Panel 6:
Bokchow: How long will it take ot eliminate their shield?
Colonel: Well, I'm not sure. That depends on how much fuel they have, the dispersal frequency, and--
Bokchow: Bah! Excuses! It is not the way of Tajarans to sit meekly in this manner!
    Destroy their shield and prepare a charge at once!
    Defy me and you shall walk across the battlefield without your armor.
Colonel: I shall find a way to satisfy your insistence, exalted one.

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