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Episode 1: Part 9

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Since we're set in the Star Trek 2009 (Kelvin) timeline, there's a little canon flexibility. Part of that is the uniforms. So, engineering is red, admiralty is red with gold, and captains (and command) are gold. Medical and science remain blue. This also means we still get to have security redshirts, too (instead of the cannon fodder gold shirts of TNG)! Woo hoo!

As to the uniforms worn by Colonel Hank Reynolds and team, well... you'll just have to wait and see what that was about.

Comments from the tagboard:
04/17/20 08:24 AM
Brogen: Miles: Nice catch! We are using the typical Starfleet Naval Ranks (as you'll see in the current comic and ones coming up). However, there's something a bit different about Colonel Reynolds' ship and crew.

04/17/20 01:16 AM
Miles: Just found the comic, I find it interesting that we're going by Airforce-ish? ranks (which if current Spaceforce is anything to go by will be accurate) rather than Naval ranks, which have traditionally been Starfleet ranks in the TV series. Just commenting, as my dad was a Petty Officer First Class, whereas I was a First Lieutenant (Logistic Readiness Officer) in the USAF, which has ranks like Colonel.

04/14/20 06:57 PM
Swiftbow: Just to let you all know... we made a couple fairly minor dialog edits to Episode 9. You may want to refresh!

Panel 1:
Location Text: 3 Months Earlier...
   Starfleet Headquarters
   San Francisco, Earth

Panel 2:
Commodore Jeffrey Bannister: Heh heh... Oh, Harry Potter Comics...

Panel 3:
Jeffrey: ... you still hold up. Even today.

Panel 4:
Lieutenant Bridget Janson: Jeffrey? I think they're about ready for you.
Jeffrey: Huh, what? Bridget?
   Oh, right... the presentation!

Panel 5:
Jeffrey: Hey, but shouldn't you be calling me "Commodore Bannister?"

Panel 6:
Bridget: When you stay up all night making your own presentation, then I'll start calling you "Commodore."
Jeffrey: Okay, good point.
   But you got all the special effects in, right?

Panel 7:
Admiral Benson: ...Next we have Commodore Jeffrey Bannister with a proposal for... "Federation Star Defense."
Senator Dreyer: Commodore? We still have commodores?
   Didn't we phase those out during the 2200?

Panel 8:
Benson: It's kind of an honorary rank. The Wogglenatherians give him credit for saving their homeworld inthe Tajaran War.
Dreyer: Wait... I remember. Didn't he crash land his ship on their army?
Benson: That's not the official sotry. But yes.

Panel 9:
Dreyer: Wonderful. Let's get this over with.
   We have a lot of proposals to get through today.

Panel 10:
Jeffrey: Admiral Benson, Senator Dreyer. Um... other admirals. Sorry, I don't know your names. Thanks for seeing me!

Panel 11:
Dreyer: The Appropriations Committee always has time for Federation heroes, Commodore.
   Now... what is it you're proposing, exactly?

Panel 12:
Jeffrey: It's exciting, Senator! It's something that's been on my mind for years. It's...
   I'm sorry, I think I need a projector or something. Or a technician?
   Are you a technician?
Rear Admiral Gorruv: No.
Jeffrey: Ah.

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