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Episode 3: Part 36

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Has anyone bought the new Jurassic World 3 raptors yet? I think they have a new head design, but I don't have one to compare. They appear to have new arms, too (but still no wrist articulation! Curses!)

Comments from the Tagboard:

05/22/22 10:59 PM
BrickVoid: Good timing on the backup getting in there, finally! It looks as if some of them finally found some way to charge weapons!
05/22/22 10:56 PM
BrickVoid: The Intrepid would like a target to shoot at right about now! I will definitely tune in next week to see how this develops! :D

Panel 1
Tajaran Commander: You fools! Shoot the beast! Shoot it!!
Tajaran Soldier (aside): Glrk!
Tajaran Soldier (aside): Glak!

Panel 2:
Ezzok: GROAAARRR!!!!
Tajaran Soldier: It won't die!

Panel 3:
Ezzok: Eat that, slug!!
Tajaran Commander: Argh!

Panel 4:
Tajaran Soldier (aside): Hrk...!
Tajaran Soldier: Aiee!
Tajaran Lieutenant: Don't let it reach the engine room!

Panel 5:
Ezzok (aside): Nnggh!!
Tajaran Lieutenant: It has exposed its flank!
Tajaran Commander: Fools! It s nearly to the engine!

Panel 6:
Tajaran Commander: It staggers! Finish it-- Hnk...!
Tajaran Lieutenant (aside): Urk...!
Tajaran Soldier (aside): Blak...!
Ezzok: Unnhh...

Panel 7:
Tajaran Engineer: Eh?
SFX: ka-land!

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