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Episode 3: Part 37

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I hope everyone has a good Memorial Day and takes a moment to remember those who fight for our freedoms.

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06/06/22 12:26 AM
BrickVoid: Hopefully it's not the dreaded COVID sickness! That is a hard viral strain to get rid of! Keep taking the cold and flu medications, in Australia it's Panadol and Codral, for us. Just keep on them until it's run it's course! May you recover quickly! :D
06/05/22 10:28 PM
Swiftbow: Sorry for delays again... this time I got sick. But on the mend... will return next week!
05/30/22 08:10 PM
BrickVoid: Okay, that's good now! I had to clear browser cache data, but it then reloaded the new image. I've been wondering where to find that option for a while now.
05/30/22 01:45 PM
Swiftbow: Darn it, I thought I fixed that typo. But it's good now, and the transcript is up, too.
05/30/22 12:50 PM
BrickVoid: Admiral Bokchow seems quite uptight, wonder who he'll blast if this fails? I think his charge might get interrupted with news of damage to his ship!
05/30/22 12:45 PM
BrickVoid: Transcript for this episode is completely blank apart from the panel numbering!
05/30/22 12:45 PM
BrickVoid: Lieutenant Zack LeRoux says in Panel 6, if I'm counting correctly: "I still we blast 'em." That doesn't quite make sense! Typo maybe?

Panel 1:
Lieutenant Mike Petroski: Captain? I'm not sure what to do. If you're all stuck... I may only have one shot.
    But where do I shoot? Sensor readings still can't get a lock on critical systems!
Mike: Wait... I've got something... That's a Federation beacon!

Panel 2:
Mike: That better be a painted target.
    Firing... EVERYTHING!!

Panel 3:
Mike: Ha! Got through the shields!

Panel 4:
Location Text: Meanwhile, on Wogglenather...
Tajaran Commander: My Lord... as you demanded. We are now ready for the final assault.
Admiral Bokchow: The human shield has not fallen. But I surmise you have devised a different plan?
    Something to do with these packs, I assume?
Tajaran Commander: Yes. A device Crabju--
Bokchow: *snarl*
Tajaran Commander: Erm, our scientists have been developing.
    Portable shield emitter backpack. Our forces shall be protected as they charge the humans!
Bokchow: Not as brave as in my day. Still... Well done. And now I shall follow you to the slaughter myself!

Panel 5:
Tajaran Commander: Yes! Tajarans! We stand ready to conquer this pathetic world! Fight for the glory of Tajara! Fight for the glory of Lord Bokchow!
Tajarans: Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!
Tajaran Commander: CHARGE!!!!

Panel 6:
Commander Dale Zurkett: Holy... their battle lines! I think they're charging us!
    Looks like 16 million of them!
Commodore Jeffrey Bannister: Or at least 25.
    2,500, that is.
    And I think those are portable shield emitters? Why don't we have those?
Lieutenant Zack LeRoux: I still say we blast 'em.
Jeff: Well, yeah. Of course.

Panel 7:
Jeff: Men, the Tajarans are on the final assault! But we have good defensive positions!
Dale: We're low on power packs, so hold your fine! And set to maximum.
    Wait until you can see the blacks of their beady, bulbous eyes!

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