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Episode 3: Part 38

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We're back! Sickness has been purged! Plus, slowly making progress on the Legos in the basement, which have been rather strewn about.

Comments from the Tagboard:

06/19/22 11:49 PM Swiftbow: You can't expect every order or piece of dialog to appear on screen. From Part 31, you can see the Intrepid is not firing weapons after being trapped in the Slow Dimension. In Part 32, they are firing at close-range cruisers with phasers only.
06/19/22 08:47 PM
BrickVoid: *Natashia sorry, fingers are butter today.
06/19/22 08:44 PM
BrickVoid: I'm still not seeing where Matashia gave orders to restrict weapons use. She certainly didn't give any order to specifically restrict them. In fact, Episode 3, Part 29 has her actively giving orders to lock onto targets, in the very first panel of that comic. So I'm still not understanding where or how she had issued a "Weapons Hold" or equivalent order, because I am simply not seeing it.
06/18/22 07:10 PM
Oldrmourer: "Weapons Free" generally is used to tell a pilot/ship/unit/whoever that they can fire whatever they want at their discretion, "Weapons Hold" is generally used to order a "wait for firing order" command but target and be ready to fire. Unless they changed it over the centuries ;)
06/14/22 04:40 PM
Swiftbow: She gave orders previously to restrict weapons fire because they were caught in the Slow Dimension and therefore it was mostly a waste of ammunition/energy.
06/14/22 12:22 PM
BrickVoid: It just doesn't sit right with the fact that they've already actively engaged the enemy, why does Nastasia feel the need to reaffirm firing at will at the enemy, when that's what they're going to do anyway? I get it, I just don't understand the reasoning behind it.
06/14/22 12:19 PM
BrickVoid: I thought that since they were already being attacked, that it was already the case that they were engaged in combat, and that it was superfluous to issue a "weapons free" command, therefore, it was instead considered a typo alert. I just call them as I see them, if it's not a typo I'll just move along now.
06/13/22 08:09 PM
Swiftbow: That's not a typo. "Weapons free" means that restrictions on weapons use is lifted. As in, free to fire at will.
06/13/22 11:55 AM
BrickVoid: Since the attackers are on the Intrepid, they could just lock onto them with teleporters and teleport them to deep space, or a secured area they can't get out of, without weapons! That's happened before in Star Trek, although to a lesser extent! :D
06/13/22 11:52 AM
BrickVoid: Typo alert in Panel 5, line 4, Natashia's second word balloon: "all weapons free" should read "all weapons FIRE."

Panel 1:
No dialog.

Panel 2:
Lieutenant Zack LeRoux: Watch yourself, Dale!
Commander Dale Zurkett: Thanks, Zack!
Zack: We could really use the ship right now!
Dale: It's no good! Still getting static on the comms.

Panel 3:
Security Chief Amanda Gibbons: Commander! Tajaran boarding parties on decks 2 and 3! Our marine units are losing ground!
Andre Peters: And fire suppression teams have lost deck 4! They're falling back!
Lieutenant Commander Natashia Staratt: Redeploy marines to deck 5! Vent decks 2 through 4 as soon as our men are clear!
Gibbons: That'll cut the bridge off from the rest of the ship!
Natashia: We'll live. Let's see how those slugs like hard vaccuum.

Panel 4:
Science Officer Burns: Commander, I'm getting sensor data! An explosion on the Flying Slug!
Natashia: Hylia, any signal yet from our people?
Ensign Hylia: Wait, yes! A Federation signal. From near the explosion!
Natashia: That has to be the Shadowburn crew! It's about time we got lucky. Relay signal lock to the support shuttle!
Hylia: Relayed! But the Slug's shields are still up!
Natashia: Understood. Tell the support shuttle to lock and stand by.
    Talia, can we move? We need to get out this shooting range!

Panel 5:
Helmsman Talia: I can, yes! Helm is answering, Commander!
Natashia: YES!! Maximum impulse! Take us down their throat!
Talia: Maximum impulse, yes, ma'am!
Natashia: Mr. Versn... all weapons free.
Tactical Officer Vern: With pleasure. All weapons.... LOCKED.
Natashia: FIRE.

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