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Episode 3: Part 39

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Though I'm technically posting this on the 20th, I'm dating it the 19th. Because the 19th is my brother (Rioux/Brogen) and co-author's birthday and also Father's Day!

Comments from the Tagboard:

06/26/22 06:48 AM
Oldarmourer: When engaging an enemy, continue firing until they are no longer a threat. Mr. Burns needs to be reminded that endangering personnel under his command to satisfy misguided personal feelings is tantamount to murdering his own troops and dealt with accordingly. Off the Bridge and in the Brig !
06/23/22 08:40 PM
BrickVoid: Ah, I see! Thanks! I might check out the TV Tropes page if I get some spare time. I spend a lot of mine playing games on the computer. :D
06/23/22 01:09 AM
06/23/22 01:09 AM
Swiftbow: I've started a TV Tropes page for the comic! If anyone here is a troper, feel free to edit and add more :)
06/22/22 10:27 PM
Swiftbow: Secondary explosion from the Slug's upper section after the ship ruptured at the neck.
06/22/22 10:19 AM
BrickVoid: I'm sure there's a logical explanation, but why the second, and smaller explosion, in the last panel? The one with the rings of light flashing around it, like the main explosion.
06/20/22 09:10 PM
DaniGeek: @BrickVoid: It seems like a good point to stop, but really they're just getting started, probably. :P
06/20/22 02:06 PM
ReleaseTheKracken52: Wahoo! Our Star Defense good guys finally took out that nasty Tajaran Slug. And Burnsie can eat slugs, for all I care!
06/20/22 11:46 AM
BrickVoid: As for Science officer burns's complaint: I feel that Commander Natashia Staratt is totally justified in her actions. Good riddance to bad rubbish, as some might say!
06/20/22 11:42 AM
BrickVoid: Happy Birthday and Father's Day to Rioux/Brogen! This seems about as good a point as any to make a well-earned chapter break, if you need one. I'll be waiting for it's return! :D
06/20/22 11:40 AM
BrickVoid: Well, that'll get Lord Bokchow's attention in about a light-hour ... That, plus the sudden lack of shield supporting their assault.

Panel 1:
Commander Glugtor: Human ship is incoming! Route auxiliary power to plasma cannons! Fire all remaining missiles!

Panel 2:
Tajaran Science Officer: It's no use! The human ship's point defenses are striking down our ordance!
Glugtor: The cruisers are out of position! We need cover to regenerate shields!
Tajaran Tactical Officer: They can't! Human fighters are blocking them from getting back to us!
Glugtor: Where is Crabjug?! He must have some solution! He always does!
Tajaran Tactical Officer:: He is not responding to comms.
    Our shields are failing!

Panel 3:
Glugtor: Graztilblap!! (untranslatable Tajaran cursing)
    Engage emergency warp!
Tajaran Science Officer: And abandon Lord Bokchow?
Glugtor: We will return for him. Do as I say!
Tajaran Tactical Officer: Our power is in flux! I will need a moment to shunt energy to the warp nacelles!!

Panel 4:
Ensign Hylia: Commander, support shuttle reporting! They have successfully retrieved the Shadowburn crew!
Lieutenant Commander Natashia Staratt: Then let's finish this. All torpedo crews... target the Slug's warp core.

Panel 5:
Science Officer Burns: Commander! You cannot! It is a helpless vessel! Starfleet regulations demand that we stand down and request surrender!
Natashia: That "disabled" vessel is still firing at us.
Burns: I demand that you yield command to an officer who follows regulations!
Tactical Officer Vern (aside): Shields down to 10%, Commander!
Natashia: You can take it up with Commodore Bannister when he gets back. Alive.

Panel 6:
Burns: Dammit! I should have reported you to the admiralty when you made that illicit deal withthe Ferengi!
    Mr. Vern... You are obligated to disregard Commander Staratt's orders!
Natashia: Sit down, Burns. I'll deal with you later.
    Mr. Vern, are you with me?
Vern: Yes, I am.

Panel 7:
Natashia: Good. I think we've had quite enough of that ship.
    For the Shadowburn and Grzonder... fire all batteries.
Vern: Yes, ma'am!

Panel 8:
Tajaran Science Officer: It's too late! Shields are gone! Incoming human torpedoes!!
Glugtor: But... we are Tajarans... Favored of the Great Hoshi! We conquer! We do not lose! Not to these pitiful, weakling, Earthling--

Panel 9:
No dialog.

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