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Episode 3: Part 40

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I mentioned it in the tagboard, but here's a more formal link! There is now a Star Trek: Federation Star Defense TV Tropes page! It's just getting started, so anyone who wants to add to it or add links to it is most welcome! (And it helps more people find this comic!)

Comments from the Tagboard:

06/27/22 12:35 PM
BrickVoid: Looks like a direct hit on the ground at close range in that last panel! That's not good! Excellent photography so far! Will be back for next week's episode! :D

Panel 1:
Tajaran Bodyguard: My Lord! Is that...??
Admiral Bokchow: Yes! There can be no doubt! Our mighty fleet has destroyed the Earthling vessel!
    And the human shield has failed! Fortune and the Great Hoshi are with us!
    Deploy our cannons once again!

Panel 2:
Lieutenant Zack LeRoux: Damn! Was that explosion us or them?
Commander Dale Zurkett: Don't know! We can't get through.
    Glana! Can you get those comms up, like, now??
Crewman Glana: I've been trying, sir! But they keep hitting the tower!
Dale: Then drop it! We can't hold this position!
    I have to get down the line and alert the others!

Panel 3:
Dale: Everyone! We've lost the shield! Fall back to the mines!

Panel 4:

Panel 5:

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