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Episode 3: Part 41

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Happy Independence Day to our American readers! I guess I timed it badly.... we had pretty good fireworks two episodes ago, lol.

Comments from the Tagboard:

07/04/22 12:39 AM
BrickVoid: Happy Independence Day! Fireworks or not, it's all good! :D we'll see how Admiral Bokchow takes the news of the destruction of the Slug and everybody onboard! He's got an even temperament: mad all the time! :D

Panel 1:
No dialog.

Panel 2:
Ensign Hylia (comms): Commander... are you there? Please respond. This is the Intrepid.

Panel 3:
Dale? We detected artillery fire in your area. It's affected sensors.
    If you are able, please respond!

Panel 4:
Commander Dale Zurkett (aside): *cough!*
Dale: Unnh... what?
Hylia (comms): Just in case you can hear me... The Tajaran shields are blocking transporters. But the Slug is destroyed!
    Their cruisers are going atmospheric. We are in pursuit.
    But we can redeploy and send backup to you!
    I'm sorry Natashia! His is the only communicator I can contact. I don't know if--

Panel 5:
Dale: Hylia... is... is that you?
Hylia (comms): Dale! Are you all right?
Dale: Sorry... my communicator fell off.
    I've... got it now.
Hylia (comms): We can send a shuttle.
Dale: N... no. It's not safe yet.
    T... take out their big... artillery.
    I'll just... rest here... a little.

Panel 6:
Admiral Bokchow: Well, well... what's this? A survivor?
    I get to enjoy myself after all.

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