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Episode 3: Part 42

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Dale first mentioned his dog and the prodigal streetcar way back in Episode 1, part 19!

Comments from the Tagboard:

07/23/22 07:05 PM
Oldarmourer: Pretty sure if something is trying to kill me or others with me, I'll call it whatever I feel like.
07/23/22 01:58 PM
Pyradonis: Oh, okay, I did not realize "slug" isn't an insult to Tajarans. I mean, humans are apes, but would most likely see it as an insult being called such. Seems everything else I thought of was then indeed coming from Dale. @BrickVoid: It's a huge difference if speciesim is displayed by the villains or those who are supposed to be the good guys.
07/22/22 08:10 PM
Freezer: "If it weren't for my horse, I wouldn't have spent that year in college." That's what Dale must've sounded like to Bokchow.
07/21/22 02:20 AM
Swiftbow: Dale has some issues. The only other possible example I can recall is Natashia saying "slugs" in a heated moment. I will point out that the Tajarans ARE slugs, though, and would not regard that as an insult.
07/20/22 10:25 AM
BrickVoid: @Pyradonis I don't know what you're talking about. Would you elaborate further? The Tajarans haven't been exactly multi-species friendly, either! They also atacked first!
07/20/22 04:05 AM
Pyradonis: Okay, what's it with this constant racism (okay, actually species-ism) displayed by the Federation characters? Will this be addressed at one point in the future?
07/19/22 12:59 AM
BrickVoid: I guess next episode will no doubt have something regarding the rest of the Tajaran fleet. I've no idea if the Intrepid blew them away or if they turned their ships around and fled, but it'd be good to have some idea of where the battle up in space is headed.
07/19/22 12:52 AM
BrickVoid: Traditional Star Trek phasers usually wiped out the enemy with a visible red glow all around them. The way you've done it in this comic is excellent, though! It also helps to distinguish your comic from the original TV series. Well thought out!
07/18/22 12:58 PM
BrickVoid: Those Tajaran Generals sure like to gloat! It's a good thing too, or there'd be a lot more corpses! :D
07/18/22 12:57 PM
BrickVoid: "Accidentaly" my foot! That looks like it was on purpose! That'll annoy Science Officer Burns! :D

Panel 1:
Commander Dale Zurkett: If.... it it wasn't... *glrk*
Admiral Bokchow: What's the matter, human? Unable to speak?
Dale: If... if it wasn't for you Tajarans...

Panel 2:
Dale: My dog wouldn't have been hit by that streetcar!
Bokchow: Argh!

Panel 3:
Bokchow: Dog? Streetcar? What is this nonsense?!?
Dale: Well, you see... it all started when...

Panel 4:
Dale: You slimy slugs invaded this innocent planet!
SFX: Kirk Punch!
Bokchow: Agh, my mandibles!

Panel 5:
Bokchow: *Grunt* You will see your idiot dog soon, human...
SFX: grab!
Dale: *pant pant*

Panel 6:
Bokchow: For now I, Bokchow, once again have the upper hand. And you will beg before the end.
    Beg for your weak, pathetic--

Panel 7:
Bokchow: ... life!
SFX: zap.
Bokchow: Ouch?

Panel 8:
SFX: Clunk.

Panel 9:
Commodore Jeffrey Bannister (aside): Oops, I accidentally set to vaporize. Was that guy important? Ah well.
Jeff: Oh! There you are, Dale!
    I think that was the last one. You okay?
Dale: Uh...
President Barkface: It is over!
    Wogglenather is free!

Panel 10:
Vice President Sniffer: The Great Jeffrey has saved us!
Wogglenathers: Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!
Jeff: Aw, shucks, guys.
    Just doing my job.
SFX: sit.
Wogglenathers: Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!

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