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Episode 3: Part 43

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So, when we started this comic, and occasionally since then, I did some Gorn research. Which has varied significantly in the interim period, because a LOT of sources have gone completely different directions with them. Like:

  • A board game that had three different Gorn races. (I thought this was main canon, actually, because it was listed as such when we started. One of the races had tails, too, so that was perfect for using the Raptor mini-figures. However... now I can barely even FIND the information I originally referenced, other than token mentions.)
  • The Star Trek 2009 reboot universe comics (which I didn't find out about for awhile) had them as a major antagonist in a video game set between Star Trek 2009 and Into Darkness. (This particular reference made us change our original plan to be strictly set in the Kelvin-verse, because then we would contradict THAT canon. And the whole point of being in a seperate universe was to be able to play with some canon while being mostly recognizable Star Trek.)
  • The new Strange New Worlds depiction, where they apparently are chest-bursters now (like in Alien). The hell? I just read about this... I have not seen it. I'm not sure I want to.
  • Their depiction in Lower Decks, where they're basically the same as they were in TOS. (This is fine. I love Lower Decks.)
  • Depictions where they're from another galaxy.
  • Sets of books where they sided with the Federation against the Dominion... and another set where they sided with the Dominion against the Federation.
  • Lastly, no matter how much you look... the Gorn Captain from Arena (TOS) has no canon name. Actually, he doesn't even have a non-canon name. No one has ever given him one. Thus... I declare his name is Slizaron. (I expect this will be contradicted in the next season of Strange New Worlds.)

Anyway, it's all just weird. Especially since I thought using the Gorn would be a fun way to embellish on a known Star Trek species that had had almost no real canon information on it listed. Ah well... we're gonna do that anyway. Hang New Trek, I say! They're probably set in yet another alternate reality, too. And, as Teal'c of of Stargate SG-1 would say: "Ours is the only reality of consequence."

Comments from the Tagboard:

08/01/22 01:46 AM
Swiftbow: Gonna be a day late on this one... it is the last installment of this episode!
07/30/22 07:33 PM
Oldarmourer: Maybe the Gorn in that episode was a different species or a subjugated species ? Like the way they tried to explain the obvious differences between Klingons in TOS and the movies ?
07/25/22 06:40 PM
Lans: *only won, sorry
07/25/22 06:40 PM
Lans: According to SNW, Kirk only one because the gorn captain didn't barf on him... I don't blame you for not wanting to incorproate the SNW Gorn. It was stupid, because now apparently they're Xenomorph/Yutaja crosses, which makes Arena noncanon through simple common sense because there's no way Kirk alone with no gear survived against an adult given what Pike and co. did to fight babies.
07/25/22 12:52 AM
BrickVoid: Not that I'm saying he would have survived, it's just that they seem to take quite a lot to take one down!
07/25/22 12:52 AM
BrickVoid: I wouldn't be surprised if there was enough life left in Captain Korzon if he'd somehow survived the self-destruct sequence! These Gorn appear to be tough skinned lizards! :D

Panel 1:
Ezzok: Hello? Are you alive? Probably.

Panel 2:
Commander Dale Zurkett: Gwuh?
Ezzok: Oh, you're awake. I guess I can't have that snack, then.

Panel 3:
Dale: Snack? What? Don't eat me!
Ezzok: Huh? Oh!
    No, I meant your ice cream.
    Your last one melted.
Dale: Ice cream... yeah sure. Go ahead.
    I just want coffee. Or less strange dreams.
    Or... wait, this is sickbay, isn't it?
    I'm not dreaming. You're that Gorn that was with Hank, right?

Panel 4:
Ezzok: Yeah, I'm Ezzok. Been in here about as long as you!
Dale: And how long was that?
Ezzok: Two days, I guess?
Dale: Do you know what happened? I think I remember winning.
Ezzok: I don't have details yet. They won't let me leave.

Panel 5:
Dale: Then I need to get to the bridge.
    Oh... that still hurts.
Doctor T'Zel: You CAN leave, Ezzok. He's been lingering for the extra ice cream.
And tsk, Dale... who said you could get up?
Dale: I can't just sit here, T'Zel. They might need me!

Panel 6:
T'Zel: I assure you, they've been managing just fine.
    You, on the other hand, have three broken ribs, a ruptured spleen, and shrapnel in your stomach.... which I've removed.
Dale: What about the crew? How many did we lose?
T'Zel: We got off relatively light. Considering the ship damage and the ground battle. 10 dead.
    A few injuries remain... but recovering well.
SFX: *wrroo wrroo*
T'Zel: Hm... your wounds do appear to be healing nicely.
    I can authorize limited activity.

Panel 7:
Dale: Thank you. Hey... since you're down here, does that mean you're staying on as doctor? T'Zel: The Intrepid has a need for additional medical staff. But we shall see.
    And do try to not tear your stiches, Commander.
Dale: I'll do my best. Doctor.

Panel 8:
Ezzok: Mind if I follow along?
Dale: Feel free. And same question.... will you be going back to... uh... Gornworld?
Ezzok: S'sgaron. And yes, at least for now. Colonel Reynolds has offered to accompany me to return Captain Korzon's remains.
    Afterwards is less certain. There are... politics involved when an officer loses his ship.
Dale: Our worlds are pretty alike, then.
    You might want to consider staying with Starfleet.

Panel 9:
Ezzok: I may at that. You humans are more... ferocious than I had believed.
    I can see how your Captain Kirk was able to defeat Captain Slizaron.
    Still... I believe I would have triumphed in that encounter.
Dale: Oh yeah?
Ezzok: Captain Slizaron fell to the blast of one diamond cannon. But I took 8 plasma bolts before I collapsed!
Dale: That is rather impressive.
Ezzok: It's for the best, though. If we Gorn had vanquished your Earthers back then, I would not have ice cream now.
Dale: You're an astute fellow, Ezzok.
Ezzok: Thank you!

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