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Episode 4: Part 38

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Episode 4: Queen Natashia
Original Characters and Concept: Travers, Kenyon, & Rioux Jordan; Alex & Natasha Gorely; Sam Barnett
Original Story (Queen Natashia): Alex Gorely, Kenyon & Travers Jordan
Adapted to Comic Form by: Travers, Rioux, & Kenyon Jordan
Photos: Travers & Rioux Jordan
Background Photos: Search Engine Image Sources & personal photos
Art/SFX/Photo Editing: Travers Jordan
Editing: Kenyon Jordan, Therese Jordan
Social Media Coordinator: Danielle Jordan

Eden appeared in the TOS episode "The Way to Eden." It's the one with the space hippies.

Comments from the Tagboard:

08/05/23 01:25 AM
Swiftbow: We didn't explicitly show it. Not necessary to depict every single beaming.
08/03/23 05:09 PM
BrickVoid: Did I miss an episode or did you leave out how they brought Stickleback aboard the Intrepid?
08/01/23 10:43 AM
BrickVoid: I wish Natashia would issue a gag order on Greyson Talbot. He can sit there on the sidelines and wait his turn to speak, like everyone else! :D

Panel 1:
Grayson Talbot: I hope I'm not interrupting! Things are going well, despite the bit of excitement.
Major Ulbek: You are clearly unaware of the scale of these events. There is, in fact, a crisis.

Panel 2:
Talbot: Natashia's reveal may seem a setback, but it's actually extremely beneficial to achieving this treaty.
    The queen has already succeeded in mollifying most of the rebels.
    Before I left, dozens of them had surrendered their arms to the guards! It was incredible.
Stickleback: No...

Panel 3:
Talbot: As such, the advisor and I have discussed a possible trade.
    The Romulans get Sping-Spang-Spoogie in exchange for granting the Federation a world on the Romulan side of the Neutral Zone.
    Possibly Eden? Federation scientists have been keen to investigate that one since the 23rd century.
Stickleback: Not all the rebels have surrendered, I am sure! My fighters will not bow to tyrants!

Panel 4:
Talbot: And who is this? Surely you haven't brought one of these terrorists aboard.
Stickleback: I am Stickleback! Leader of those who want freedom.
Commander Dale Zurkett: So you're calling them terrorists now? Whose side are you on?
Talbot: Perhaps I should ask the same of you.

Panel 5:
Ensign Hylia: We're being hailed from the surface.
Talbot: Ah. That would be the supreme advsior.
Dale: This should be good.

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