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Episode 1: Part 15

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We've made a few references to the war with the Tajarans. So time for a flashback!

Panel 1:
Location Text: 10 years ago... The Battle of Woggle 13
Commander Dale Zurkett: Repeat, this is Commander Dale Zurkett, USS Phindlepod. We are pinned down. Taking enemy fire. Requesting air support.
   I am relaing coordinate data to all fleet ships.
   Anderson! Bypass the overload breaker. We have to get that shield back up!
Lieutenant Hank Reyonolds: We've got another wave!
Lieutenant T'Zel: Stay with me, Ensign!
Ensign Cooper: Nnnnh...

Panel 2:
(fleet flagship)
Comms Officer: That is a negative on the air support, Commander. Our ambassaors are currently meeting with Tajaran representatives. We have agreed to a cease-fire.

Panel 3:
SFX: *WHISTLING SOUND...* Dale: Well, nobody's told THEM that!
   Incoming!! Duck and--
T'Zel: I'm lising him!

Panel 4:
SFX: Taboom!
Redshirt: Hngh--!
Hank: Nnh!
Cooper: Glk--

Panel 5:
(flagship bridge)
Admiral Stevens: We're still hearing phaser fire, Commander! Order your mean to stop firing immediately!!

Panel 6:
Dale: Admiral, is that you? You've gotta be kidding! We're being hit with artillery!
   If you won't let us shoot back, then beam us the hell out of here! Sir.
Stevens: Negative, Commander. Moving a ship into beaming range would violate the cease-fire.
   Hold tight and wait for the diplomats.
Anderson: Got it, sir! Shield power is restored! Can't say for how long.

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