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Episode 4: Part 72

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Episode 4: Queen Natashia
Original Characters and Concept: Travers, Kenyon, & Rioux Jordan; Alex & Natasha Gorely; Sam Barnett
Original Story (Queen Natashia): Alex Gorely, Kenyon & Travers Jordan
Adapted to Comic Form by: Travers, Rioux, & Kenyon Jordan
Photos: Travers & Rioux Jordan
Background Photos: Search Engine Image Sources & personal photos
Art/SFX/Photo Editing: Travers Jordan
Editing: Kenyon Jordan, Therese Jordan
Social Media Coordinator: Danielle Jordan

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Comments from the Tagboard:

05/20/24 02:04 PM
BrickVoid: At last, rescue is at hand! But what of Natashia?

Panel 1:
Supreme Advisor: Ah, very good... the picture is coming back on... wait...
Stickleback (on screen): My fellow Spoogians! It is I, Stickleback! Leader of your resistance!
    We have captured the point-ear's strike force and hijacked their camera feed!

Panel 2:
Stickleback: But this is not the time to celebrate! Our fighters surround the palace even now.
    The point-ears have taken our children! They have taken our businesses! They have stolen our LIVES. Now victory is at hand!
    This is the time to fight back! Join us as we storm the palace! Fight with whatever you have!
    So, Supreme Advisor... surrender now. Throw down your arms and we will spare the lives of you and your men.

Panel 3:
Supreme Advisor: Ah, Stickleback, is it? So good of you to finally show yourself.
    Would you sacrifice this woman here, though? I wonder.
    Instead, though... why don't you come out of hiding? And parley like a civilized man.
Stickleback (on screen): You have lost, Supreme Advisor! Admit your defeat!
Supreme Advisor: Oh, have I? Have I lost to a band of primitives?
    It is time to pay the price for your idiocy.

Panel 4:
Supreme Advisor: Commander Vedrix: Target your warbird weapon systems onto the surface.

Panel 5:
Supreme Advisor (comms): Center on my coordinates. Spare only the gallows and the palace. Destroy everything else within a 10 block radius.
Commander Vedrix: Sir... EVERYTHING? Has the Senate authorized such an actin? Surely there are other...

Panel 6:
Supreme Advisor: You serve ME, Commander. My authority here is absolute. Obey me now or command of the fleet will pass to your second!
Bright Talon (comms): *kssh*
Supreme Advisor: Commander?

Panel 7:
Vedrix: Repeat that, Yana?
Science Officer Yana: It's the Intrepid, Commander! She's warped back into a high orbit.
Supreme Advisor (comms): Answer me, dammit!
Vedrix: Just like that? Are all our ships still cloaked?
Yana: Yessir:
Vedrix: Then they've made their greatest blunder.
    Target weapon systems and engines. I want her intact.
Yana: Sir... she's launching photon torpedoes!

Panel 8:
Helmsman Grastock: What?! But we're cloaked! Is it random fire?
Yana: It's not! Photons are tracking... onto our entire fleet!
Vedrix: Emergency evasive warp! Get our shields up!
Grastock: I'm trying, sir!

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