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Episode 1: Part 2

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I've long been looking for a good reason to use the raptor figures. They're ALMOST as poseable as regular mini-figures. (Their wrists can't rotate, but they CAN open their mouths, so there's that.) Now, obviously the Gorn in their original TOS episode (Arena ) were a bit more standard humanoid. But we can chalk that up to effect limitations of the time AND that some sources indicate three Gorn homeworlds with related subspecies, one of which still has fully developed tails.

Comments from the tagboard:
02/23/20 12:11 PM BrickVoid: Does ... Does that seem like some kind of chamber, like, as in Indiana Jones: raiders of the Lost Ark? :D who knows what this one hides inside it! ;)

Panel 1:
(Gorn carrying a crate out of the shuttle with Romulan insignia.)
Captain Korzon: Ah. Excellent. This is my First, Commander Ezzok.
   And, as arranged, Colonel... the device.

Panel 2:
(Ezzok trips)
Korzon: Look out!
Commander Ezzok: Graah!

Panel 3:
Ezzok: Captain... my apologies!
   My claw caught the bulkhead!
Korzon: No harm, Commander... the device appears to be hovering.
Colonel Hank Reynolds: How is it doing that? Ezzok: I don't know.

Panel 4:
Ezzok: That's not one of its functions.
Hank: The crate is damaged.
Ezzok: Minor. None of the disruptor fire broke through.
Hank: Disruptor fire? From when you stole it?

Panel 5:
Korzon: Obtained. We obtained it.
Hank: Right.
   As long as it works.
Korzon: Interesting. Federation types are usually more sensitive about these things.
   That Picard, for example...

Panel 6:
Hank: Well. Now you know to talk to us first.
   Lieutenant McDougal has your gold-pressed latinum ready for you.
Korzon: The Gorn Hegemony thanks you for your business, Colonel Reynolds.

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