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Episode 1: Part 34

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The little alien on the right in the first panel is another Star Trek KREO character we picked up (Keenser). Ours isn't the same character, of course, but he's the same species!

Panel 1:
Location Text: Peters Ranch
    Utopia Colony Outskirts

Panel 2:
Commander Dale Zurkett: Commodore? Do you have a moment?
Commodore Jeffrey Bannister: Commander Zurkett! I'd heard your shuttle arrived.
    Did you get the tour?
Dale: Yes. Mr Peters wasted no time.
Jeff: Well, come on in. I made brownies!

Panel 3:
Dale: Erm... thanks.
    Sir, I don't know if you remember me. You nearly crashed a ship on my head.
    Saved my life.
Jeff: I do! We met just before they arrested you, I think.
Dale: Uh...
Jeff: Don't worry, Zurkett. I pulled up your recordds--
Yeoman Bridget Janson: *Ahem
Jeff: --Miss Janson pulled up your records and gave me an excellent summary.
    I can't think of anyone I'd rather have as my XO.

Panel 4
Dale: Well, then speaking as your first officer, sir...
    I sent you a communique from the shuttle while we were en route.
    Regarding the message Ensign Hylia was able to decipher.
Jeff: Yeah, the ship in distress. The Shadow-something.
Dale: Shadowburn. We can't seem to get a lot of information on it. It may be a black ops ship.
    You know what that means... command will disavow any knowledge of it.
Jeff: Hm.

Panel 5
Dale: The point is... they're in trouble. And we think it's Tajarans.
    We need to rescue them, sir.
    I can't think of a better first mission.
Jeff: It's not that simple. Mr. Peters says we're ready to fly, but... the Admiralty has already sent us our orders.
Dale: What did they say?
Jeff: We are to fly patrol in the Orion nebula.
Dale: What, for pirates? There hasn't been any pirate activity there for years!
Jeff: I know.

Panel 6
Dale: Sir, I know I just got here, and you outrank me. But this idea of yours... Federation Star Defense.
    You started it because you know we haven't BEEN defending ourselves.
    Hell, if you hadn't defied orders before, I would have died on Wogglenather.
    I'm sure the Federation would have given me a nice funeral. And the Wogglenatherians would be enslaved now.
Jeff: I actually, uh... never HEARD those orders to withdraw.

Panel 7
No dialog.

Panel 8
Jeff: But that doesn't mean you're wrong.

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