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Episode 2: Part 1

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Thought this would be a fun way to kick off Episode 2! It is a Star Trek tradition to have a cameo from another show help kick off the new show/movie! (Not ALWAYS... but usually)
If you're wondering why Picard and Riker are in gold instead of red (and Data is in red), recall that in THIS universe, Starfleet never swapped the TOS colors. So red is operations/engineering/security, and gold is command.

Addendum Edit!
So, my wife was scratching her head at the name "Spling Splang Sploogie," which is understandable, so I should probably explain.
    So, before the idea for making this into a comic came along, these characters (and a rougher version of the stories) were originally thought up as short screenplays for my friends and me, who were big Star Trek fans by the age of about 10. If you've seen our Tajaran Attack video, you have seen the only script we actually managed to film, but there were several more. For the majority of them, my Dad and I would sit down and write. He did most of the writing, while I had story ideas.
    In a re-edit of that particular script, which was originally set on Romulus, we decided to move it to an occupied, colony world. Dad asked me what the planet should be called. I couldn't think of anything, so I joked "Spling Splang Sploogie." Dad wrote it down. I tried to explain that I was kidding, he said something along the lines of "okay, but why not use it anyway" and the name stuck.
    So... absolutely ridiculous as it might be, this particular planet is named Spling Splang Sploogie. (The last word rhymes with key.) The natives are Sploogians, and we will see them in the not-too-distant future!

Oh yeah... and one day I may post some of the original scripts if interest exists. They're rather more tongue-in-cheek than the tone we've been trying to set here, but still pretty entertaining, I think.

Comments from the tagboard:
12/13/20 03:12 PM
Swiftbow: She kind of wore purple in the show, but therapy/counseling is generally considered a medical field.
12/13/20 11:50 AM
BlackRing57: And blue is sience, medical, and what else? I guess Troy is medical?
12/13/20 11:49 AM
BlackRing57: Ahh,missed that bit.
12/12/20 11:46 PM
BrickVoid: It always bothered me why Data always had a matching uniform that seemed to fit his skin color. This way, it allows for flexibility in uniforms instead of having him appear the same no matter what. :D Well done!
12/11/20 06:50 PM
Swiftbow: The one exception is the Admiralty. We have them in red with gold trim. (And that includes Commodores like Jeffrey.)
12/11/20 06:49 PM
Swiftbow: You are correct... I mentioned this in my author's notes to the side. Our story isn't set in the "prime" universe. (It is meant to be the TNG era of the 2009 Star Trek alternate universe.) That gave us a little more leeway with plots... they don't have to follow alpha canon to the letter. And one of those is in unifom colors; they are still using the color coding from the TOS era, but are using the TNG "style" of uniform.
12/11/20 06:00 PM
BllackRing57: Exelent work so far, anyway.
12/11/20 06:00 PM
BllackRing57: I may have missed it, but is there a reason that Pacard and Ricker have gold uniforms and Data and the other helmsman have red uniforms? As I remember it in TNG it was the other way around.
12/08/20 11:28 AM
BrickVoid: It's immediately evident that the Supreme Advisor is talking about the cloaking device the Gorn Hegemony stole and was giving to Colonel Reynolds in the first episode of this comic! :D That fact is self-evident, and boy did they have need of it! :D Excellently done plot so far, I look forward to more! :D
12/06/20 07:01 PM
releasethekracken52: Looking good for start of Episode 2. Along with giving us a feel of space, you've made the characters look right, and I'm wondering what this is all about. Really helps that you do facial expressions too. Recognized the Next Gen characters; the "surrender" suggestion seems to fit. lol
12/06/20 05:48 PM
Swiftbow: We are back with Episode 2, Part 1! Refresh if you can't see it. :)

Panel 1:
Location Text: Romulan Occupied World: Spling Splang Sploogie
    Federation / Romulan Neutral Zone
    2366 AD
Captain Jean-Luc Picard (offscreen): Your eminence...
Title Card: Federation Star Defense Episode 2: "Battle of the Scoggo Sector"

Panel 2:
Picard: ... the Federation continues to implore you to end this occupation.
    Not only is your continued presence here a violation of our shared neutral zone and peace treaties...
    But the Sploogians are a pre-Warp civilization with few natural resources.
    In the interest of Galactic peace, we ask you to withdraw.

Panel 3:
Romulan Prince: And abandon my people? I could not do such a thing, Captain Picard. I am their prince from the stars.
    They practically worship me!
Supreme Advisor: And I cannot help but notice a threat in your statement, Captain. Is the Federation challenging Romulan authority here? Or interfering in our benign efforts to aid a race that was regrettably harmed in the Earth/Romulan war?

Panel 4
Commander Will Riker: Your "aid" is a sham.
    Or do you deny exploiting the labors of the Sploogian people for your own--
Picard: Commander, please.
Counselor Deanna Troi: I sense he has a great need for a victory, Captain.

Panel 5
Troi: Mr. Supreme Advisor, surely there's something we can offer.
    Perhaps a surrender on our part. Even if it were merely symbolic?
Lieutenant Worf (aside): Alternatively, Captain... photo torpedoes are standing by.

Panel 6
Supreme Advisor: Such a gesture of capitulation might be acceptable, Captain.
    But only if it also included the return of our stolen cloaking device!

Panel 7
Picard: Cloaking device? What stolen cloaking device?
Supreme Advisor: Do not play coy with me, Captain, about your two-faced Federation.

Panel 8
Supreme Advisor: One side says such technology is of no interest and signs treaties to that effect.
    The other sends covert agents to steal it from us!
    We demand the right to thoroughly examine your ship's computers... or these negotiations are finished!
    Centurion! End transmission.

Panel 9
Picard: What was he talking about?
    Mr. Data?
Lieutenant Commander Data: Starfleet databanks show no such theft, Captain.
Picard: Of course not. We have long-standing treaties.
    No one in the Federation would even consider such a thing!

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