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Episode 1: Part 4

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Ulbek and Yaulsteren are partially KREO figures (a pretty decent Lego knockoff). They had a Star Trek license, too, so they actually have some bonafide Trek aliens! (Many are hard to find, though.)

Comments from the tagboard:
Kirkbot: As you can tell from my name I am a huge fan of Star Trek and am looking forward to this series :)

02/17/20 07:31 PM
BrickVoid: this seems like a completely normal first episode. What coupd possibly go wrong? :D

02/16/20 08:05 PM
Swiftbow: There is now a button for that! :)

02/16/20 03:07 PM
amethyst: I mean the new Star Trek lego comic. :)

02/16/20 03:06 PM
amethyst: How do you vote for this comic?

02/16/20 12:12 PM
Swiftbow: Episode 1 is online!

Panel 1:
(Shadowburn bridge)
Major Ulbek: Perhaps, Lieutenant Sanders, the Colonel would prefer to hear that we are experiencing localized displacements of temporal energy.
Lieutenant Sanders: Erm, to rephrase, Colonel: Ulbek says that parts of the ship are moving morrre slooowlllyyy thaaaan ottthhhherrrs, siiirrrr.

Panel 2:
(Shadowburn shuttle bay)
Colonel Hank Reynolds: Bottom line: Is the ship in any danger?

Panel 3:
Ulbek: We appear to be undamaged. However, I recommend we raise shields. They may limit the effects of the dilation.

Panel 4:
Sergeant Yalsteren: Sir, I'm picking up new energy readings on the long range sensors... they may be ships.
Sanders: Ships, Mr Yaulsteren? How many?
Yaulsteren: Still unsure. They appear to be on an intercept course with us.

Panel 5:
(shuttle bay)
Hank: Distance? Time to intercept?
Ulbek: Still computing that, Colonel.
Hank: Raise shields. I'm on my way.

Panel 6:
Captain Korzon: Colonel Reynolds... we will be unable to disembark with your shields raised.
Hank: Sorry. It looks like you're going ot have to stick around for awhile.
Korzon: Very well. I shall inform the Grzonder that we are unavoidably detained and to assist as needed.
Hank: Thank you, Captain. Hopefully we don't need it.

Panel 6:
Lieutenant McDougal: Here they come...
   it's not too late to get a full security team down here, Colonel.
   Just in case.
Colonel Hank Reynolds: Don't judge on appearances, Lieutenant.

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