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Episode 2: Part 5

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The "clonk" may not technically travel through space, but you COULD still hear it inside the vessel that just had another ship bang into it!

Oh, and this is the 42nd installment of Federation Star Defense. Is it the the answer to the great question? Only time will tell.

Comments from the tagboard:
01/09/21 09:55 PM
Oldarmourer: Ahh...the Picard maneuver, a classic..still taught in third year Command School...and first year Helmsman School
01/03/21 11:17 PM
BrickVoid: They warped right next to one of the Tajaran ships, if I'm not mistaken! Or at least it looks that way! :D A very well done dropping out of warp shot! :D

Panel 1:
Colonel Hank Reynolds: Careful... maintain formation.

Panel 2:
Hank: If anyone slips outside the cloaking field, the jig is up.
    Keep it as slow as you can.
Ezzok: I thought we were sick of going slowly.
Hank: Ha.
Lieutenant McDougal: Brace for impact.

Panel 3:
SFX: Clonk!

Panel 4
McDougal: We have hard seal. But cloaking device or not, they might have heard that.
Hank: Can't be helped. Open a hole in their hull. Marines on point.
    Can we get any reading inside the Slug?
Major Ulbek: The cloak is disrupting our own sensors, sir. However, I am detecting an energy build-up in the ship's core.

Panel 5
Hank: Weapons? Engines?
Ulbek: I believe they are attempting to go to warp.
Hank: Dock the other shuttles! We may not have much time!
Ulbek: Wait... core build-up is shifting frequency. And they're raising shields.
Ezzok: They detected us?

Panel 6
Ensign Yuna: No... something is approaching at high warp! I think it's--

Panel 7
No dialog.

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