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Episode 3: Part 5

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Sorry for the delay! We need to do some catching up on the buffer. We may take a break in order to do so. Will keep you apprised!

08/29/21 06:49 PM
Oldarmourer: The interesting partof the story is where I accidentally knocked a can of pepsi into the switchboard....I think that was the day before or after I'd kicked over one of the carboys of acid that ran the telegraph in the station office
08/29/21 12:14 PM
BrickVoid: Sorry, got overexcited about smilies again. I do apologize in advance. Didn't see those coming!
08/29/21 12:14 PM
BrickVoid: @Oldarmourer: Well, I was born in September of 1967, very early on in September, I honestly don't know of that predates you or not but it is of no concern anyway! :D That's a very interesting story you have there, Oldarmourer! :D Glad to hear about your experiences! :D
08/29/21 08:33 AM
Oldarmourer: My mother ran the switchboard that was in the train station my father ran, it was coincidence she'd worked as a telephone operator before they were married, sorry Brickvoid, I've got more than a few years on you ;) Congrats on the surgery though, it should heal fast and easy but do what you're told by the Dr's anyway...
08/27/21 12:19 PM
BrickVoid: Er, i mean the period after my cataract surgery. Sounds weird the way I write it, must try to realign my thoughts.
08/27/21 12:18 PM
BrickVoid: Sounds wonderful! I'll just take this opportunity to say that so far my post-cataract surgery has been going wondefully! Over a week since the operation and it has been healing wondefully. It will be good to see the new episode of the comic when it's ready! The 5th is just after my birthday, not that it mattters.
08/27/21 11:59 AM
Swiftbow: Sorry... I spoke too soon. We DO have our shooting script ready to go, so we're back on track. But going to need one more week. So, I would say... look for the comic Labor Day weekend (Sunday the 5th)
08/22/21 01:02 PM
Swiftbow: Well, hope your surgery goes well! And as to the other topic, I think we will be resuming next week.
08/22/21 11:33 AM
BrickVoid: But enough about me, how old are some of the other commenters here? Write up your experiences and let everyone know where you're from and what you've expereinced.
08/22/21 11:31 AM
BrickVoid: I'm from Australia just FYI. I've used a primitive hand-cranked telephone that was on a shared line to an exchange where an operator would plug in your call to whoever you wanted to connect to.
08/22/21 11:29 AM
BrickVoid: I'll be 54 in September. I've been around ever since the early days of B&W TV. But remember, folks, you're only as young as you think you are! :D
08/21/21 09:07 PM
Danigeek: @Brickvoid: Cataract surgery? How old are you? I keep thinking you're a young adult.
08/18/21 07:18 PM
BrickVoid: I kind of have an ulterior motive - of sorts - I just got my right eye's cataracts done, and after it's back to normal would probably go archive delving. Would want some new comics by then. I have to rest it for a month anyway, whenevre possible, so not like it's urgent.
08/18/21 07:16 PM
BrickVoid: So ... This dealy ... Was that going to be 2 weeks or 4 weeks? It's been a month since the last comic! Just curious, but would appreciate any updates you're happy to release.
08/14/21 12:19 PM
BrickVoid: @Oldarmourer They'd want to collect evidence of the Tajaran weapon attack on the ship because reasons. We shall see what happens, when it happens.
08/07/21 07:51 PM
Oldarmourer: A couple of the novels hinted that there was an entire salvage fleet to go scavenging ships or returing them for repair
08/01/21 09:41 PM
BrickVoid: Not that it's going to be seen in a comic any time soon, but are they going to pick up any of the debris field from the ships that were destroyed? Star Trek: Voyager aired an episode where they destroyed an enemy ship, and picked up some of the debris with more valuable metals, and salvaged it and recycled the remainder of it. So I'm curious if this crew are going to salvage anything before they go after the Tajarans.
07/19/21 12:15 PM
BrickVoid: It's okay, Trenton's life is slowly but surely unfolding before his eyes right now, he should be allowed to enjoy it to the fullest! :D See you when it's ready!
07/19/21 01:47 AM
Swiftbow: So yeah, there's going to be a little break again. Sorry! We'll be back as soon as possible. Probably a few weeks.
07/18/21 11:26 AM
Oldarmourer: Thanks for including what I thought I did but apparently backspaced over during editing ;) We've seen the loading sequence for a torpedo in the movies, most of it, I always assumed there was an 'arming' stage where the anti-matter was added, with the quantity used varying with desired yield
07/14/21 11:37 AM
Swiftbow: The very first paragraph of that section says that very thing, BrickVoid. I think it's pretty clear that this is a fan work, and not an official Star Trek comic. But I'm glad you think it's good enough for someone to be confused on that :)
07/13/21 12:47 PM
BrickVoid: Noting should be anything, sorry. My brain is still halfway in and out of that talk page. :D
07/13/21 12:45 PM
BrickVoid: @Swiftbow You should put in a disclaimer on that page, that the canon is only for this comic that you're writing and publishing, to avoid anyone coming across it knows that it has noting to do with the highly controversial multiple series of TV shows that seemed to change the depiction of it at will.
07/13/21 02:42 AM
Pyradonis: Your idea re: the torpedoes makes absolute sense. :)
07/13/21 12:31 AM
Swiftbow: I added a section to the About page regarding photon torpedoes. As with most of our comic lore, it adjusts canon without actually changing canon:
07/13/21 12:14 AM
Swiftbow: Yes, but (read the top paragraph: Canon)

Panel 1
No dialog.

Panel 2:
Doctor Murphy: Wounded from the Shadowburn! Clear a path!
Doctor T'Zel: I need to speak to your captain!
Murphy: The Commander is on his way.

Panel 3:
Commander Dale Zurkett: Andre! Glad I ran into you. I see you got the lights back on!
Andre Peters: Yes, we've switched main power to the fusion reactors.
    May be able to hit warp 1 or 2, but it'll be borderline.
Dale: That's good. Walk with me to the shuttlebay.

Panel 4:
Dale: I take it we don't have a spare warp core.
Andre: Are you kidding? Starfleet won't even equip the Enterprise with a spare warp core.
    You wouldn't believe the favors I had to call in to get the one we had...
    Ten years I spend building this thing. Ten years...

Panel 5
Dale: I need you to focus, Andre.
    Do we have any weapons?
Andre: We can fire the railguns. And we still have antimatter for the torpedoes.
    Maybe low power phaser shots. They won't do much damage with the core.
Dale: What about the shuttles? Can we cannibalize their cores?
Andre: Maybe... but they're not meant to handle a ship this size.

Panel 6
Dale: No, but we did just pick up two more!
    And you're a smart guy, Andre... I'm sure sure you can figure it out. No pressure!
Andre: Ha ha.

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