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Unaired Pilot Episode: Tajaran Attack!

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Happy Valentine's Day! Let's get started. (With an old home movie!)

The video above is the epic inspiration to the comic that will shortly be forthcoming. It is... Tajaran Attack! (And it was made in 1993. Please forgive... everything.) We filmed this in one day with a rented video camera that couldn't rewind properly. So, (mostly) all one take, no editing, and all scenes in chronological order. Plus, our budget was however much it cost to rent said camera, Wendy's for everybody, posterboard, some spray paint, and Natasha's ear makeup. All in all... I still think it came out pretty awesome! (The About page will one day have additional reminiscing about this video.)

The comic version of Federation Star Defense will star most of the same characters, but they will be portrayed by Legos instead of pre-teen children and/or their pets and parents. We hope to strike a tone similar to Harry Potter Comics. Funny... but also serious. And yeah... the first installment will be up soon!

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