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Episode 1: Part 3

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The Gorn have appeared very little in actual Star Trek canon, so their cultural norms are very undefined. Which is great for us!

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03/02/20 12:11 PM
Swiftbow: So far, it's just relatively low viewership. We'll do some more advertising once there's a few more episodes up. But, in the meantime, feel free to tell your friends!

03/02/20 12:10 PM
Swiftbow: We can see your posts, BrickVoid. What cookie do you mean? We're using the same tagboard from Harry Potter.

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Panel 1:
Captain Korzon: HONK! HONK! HONK!.
Colonel Hank Reynolds: Um...
Lieutenant McDougal: Did we do something?

Panel 2:
Korzon: This is the chant of trade.
   Per the custom on my homeworld, we now ceremonially shake tails.
Hank: I, uh... well, I don't have one of those, but...
SFX: *shake shake*

Panel 3:
(The ship suddenly shakes)
Korzon: Grar!!
Ezzok: Nnnh!!
Hank: Wha??
McDougal: Ahh!

Panel 4:
Hank: Whaaat waaasss tthaaaattttt??
McDougal: Siirrr? Whhyyy arrreee you moving so slowly?
Hank: I... don't know. It seems to have passed.

Panel 5:
Hank: Bridge, report. Something weird is happening down here.
Lieutenant Sanders: It's not just you. Colonel Ulbek says it's like a quantum wave in space. It's affecting our inertial momentum in relation to normal space-time.
Hank: Sanders? Remember our talk about the techno-babble?
Sanders: Sorry, sir.

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