USS Intrepid

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Jeffrey Bannister
Jeffrey Bannister
Rank: Commodore
Species: Human caucasian (colonist)
Job: Ship's Captain
Age: 37

    Born and raised on the Deneva Colony, Jeffrey is the grandson of one of the colonists rescued by Captain Kirk from little flying silicone parasite monsters who briefly ruled the planet (TOS: Operation -- Annihilate!).

    As a result, Jeffrey grew up idolizing Starfleet and heroic derring do. As it happens he is also related to George "Sam" Kirk (James' Kirk's brother; whose life was saved in this timeline, thanks to briefings from from Ambassador Spock brought from the prime reality) on his mother's side.
    At the first opportunity, Jeffrey enlisted at Starfleet Academy where he found himself an average to middling student. Called to duty during the brief Wogglenather War, Jeffrey was serving as the fourth replacement navigator (lieutenant - junior grade) aboard the USS Yorktown when a Tajaran Flying Slug scored an especially effective shot and took out the entire saucer section. Jeffrey was the highest ranking command crew officer still alive.
    As Starfleet, taken aback, attempted to negotioate with the Tajarans, Jeffrey received orders to retreat, but simultaneously received a request for air support at coordinates sent from the planet surface. He attempted to respond to the distress call, but didn't realize the coordinates were the target for bombardment and not the location to bring the ship. As a result, he crashlanded his ship directly on top of the Tajaran's ground forces, who had been heavily shielded against just about anything except a large hunk of metal landing on them.
    Hailed as a hero by the Wogglenatherians, Starfleet acquiesced to their demands that the “Great Jefferey” be rewarded. He was promoted to Lieutenant Commander, then sent to Starbase 12 where he manned a desk for many years. As Wogglnatherian petitions continued, he was eventually promoted to Commodore to shut them up. Being a rank that Starfleet had all but forgotten and warrants very little power to do much of anything at all, the Starfleet Brass was content that their Bannister problem was finally finished with..
    However, Jeffrey is not content to sit in relative luxury at Starfleet HQ, though. He remains gravely concerned at the lack of military readiness in the Federation. He is convinced that something needs to be done. And he has a plan.

Dale Zurkett
Dale Zurkett
Rank: Commander
Species: Human caucasian (American)
Job: Helmsman/Pilot
Age: 30

    Hailing from New Colorado City, Dale is the son of crack fighter pilots in a world where that profession is no longer given much heed. He volunteered as an enlisted man in Starfleet during the Wogglenather War, serving on the USS Phindlepod, the first ship to respond.
    During an attempt to negotioate with the invaders, the Tajarans attempted to surround the Earth delegation with a flanking force. Dale spotted them and opened fire on the squadron. Battle was joined and the Federation forces were pinned down. Dale called for air support. Despite the Brass telling them to hold tight and wait for the diplomats, the USS Yorktown arrived instead, landing directly on the Tajarans and narrowly missing the Federation officers.
    For firing on the Tajarans without orders, Dale was court-martialed. His commandng officer spoke up in his defense, however, and Dale was merely drummed out of the service.
    Attempting to find work as a civilian cargo pilot, Dale's career was cut short when money was outlawed. Dale's incentives were gone, but he kept working for a few more months. Until his dog ran into the street car lane. Realizing that his replicator credits were enough to sit at home and do nothing, Dale did just that.
    This led to a Federation inquiry into his work habits. Primarily the lack thereof. They also examined the number of people living in the house he inherited from his parents. One person in a four bedroom house? Extremely inefficient use of real resources.

Zack Del Rio
Zack Del Rio
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Species: Human hispanic (American)
Job: Tactical
Age: 26

    An Earth-born human, Zack is from Southern Colorado, growing up in Alamosa near the Sand Dunes. He studied computer programming but is also keenly interested in weapons, specifically “outdated” ballistic types that he thinks have more potential than Starfleet engineers will admit.
     Hoping to make it rich as a computer programmer, Zack was frustrated in his goals by the abolition of money. In order to “better humanity” he was pushed into programming replicator software. Bored, but with ready access to the core programs of Federation systems, he secretly developed a pair of illegal software programs. The first used a software glitch to multiply transporter credits by a factor of three during distribution. He then sold this program in exchange for taking the third "extra" credit. The second software program converted transporter credits into any of the other types..
    Warrants have been issued for his arrest.

Natashia Staratt
Natashia Staratt
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Species: Romulan/Vulcan/Polynesian Human
Job: Science Officer
Age: 52

    Natashia's family history is a complex affair. Her grandfather, Tangaroa Staratt, a traditional Polynesian wayfinder left Earth to practice his craft in the ocean of stars, aboard a civilian exploration vessel. Caught inadvertently in the Human/Romulan War, his ship and a Romulan Warbird crashed on a Romulan border world, Spling-Splang-Sploogie. The few survivors were nursed back to health by the native Sploogians, the humans shocked by the Romulan's resemblance to Vulcans.
    With their ships destroyed and the Sploogians only having discovered light industry, the two once-opposed sides were forced to work together. By the time that initial animosity had given way to marriage and a child between Natashia's human and Romulan grandparents, the survivors had succeeded in building a warp capable craft from the wreckage of their two ships. The Romulans, no longer wishing to participate in the war, agreed to Tangaroa's plan to secretly relocate to Vulcan.
    Natashia's Romulan/Human father would eventually marry a Vulcan woman. The two were luckily off-world when Vulcan was destroyed by Nero.
    Natashia was born on New Vulcan. Though she had a keen scientific mind, the Vulcan Science Academy held little interest for her, as the cold logic of most Vulcans annoyed her, and often served to bring out her own temper. She did well at Starfleet Academy and served briefly on the USS Saratoga. However, after getting into an altercation with a fellow crewmember, her Romulan ancestry was discovered and Natashia found herself reassigned to a desk job cataloguing craters. She has since been considering resigning her commission.

Andre Peters
Andre Peters
Rank: Commander
Species: Human (Martian Colony)
Job: Chief Engineer
Age: 34

    A farm boy from the Mars Colony, Andre was an engineering genius from a young age. Once re-regging a phaser to serve as a power source for a tractor, his parents worked to get him into as many scientific study courses as possible. Lacking the funds, however, they instead found him an apprenticeship aboard a freighter.
     Spending the next 3 years keeping that hulk running energized Andre. He figured out ways to build "old-fashioned" defense systems that succeeded in repelling multiple pirate attacks. He doubled the power of the warp core. He nearly blew up the warp core. But he had experience, and, on his return, was accepted to Starfleet's Engineeering core.
    Upon arriving there, however, Andre discovered just how behind Starfleet had fallen in ship upgrades and upkeep. Hundred year old ships, with minor refits, were still serving in everyday capacities, some even flagged as combat-ready. Andre started doing nighttime experiments with a technology Starfleet had abandoned. Neutronized armor plating.
    On accidental explosion in orbit later (that destroyed a satellite) and Andre found himself the recipient of a "less-than-honorable" discharge and a ticket back to Mars. He has been back on his family farm for the last ten years, working on what he calls a "hobby."

Bridget Janson
Bridge Janson
Rank: Lieutenant
Species: Human
Job: Yeoman to Commodore Bannister
Age: 23

    When Jeffrey Bannister was assigned to Starfleet HQ, he was also assigned a "handler." Bridget, however, came to like Jeffrey, while simultaneously realizing that the Commodore really, really needed her assistance. Bridget is constantly put-upon, and oft-forgotten by her commander, but she makes sure to remind him of both his appointment schedule, and who it is that KEEPS his appointment schedule.

Rank: Ensign
Species: Andorian
Job: Communications
Age: 23

    Hailing from Andoria, Hylia entered Starfleet with a burgeoning interest in communications, only for Starfleet to quite promptly (by her reckoning) start reassigning those duties to tactical officers. Stuck in an administrative hole (she has little tactical training, but can't get assigned to another starship without it unless she changes fields entirely), Hylia has been working an incredibly boring job in the interim in the same facility as Natashia.

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