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Episode 1: Part 12

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Most of the background photos here are from the Curiousity rover, the first rover to have a color camera on board! (I did add some greenery on the hills.) Mars is actually a lot less red in real life than Hollywood has told us. (The planetary image is an artist's conception (I only added some greenery to it) of a mostly terraformed Mars, as it is in Trek canon. )

Panel 1:
Location Text: 2 months before the events on the Shadowburn...
Lieutenant Bridget Janson: Mars Flight Control, this is Runabout J701, requesting permission to land.
Mars Flight Control: Your flight plan has been received, J701. Welcome to Mars, Commodore Bannister.

Panel 2:
Location Text: Peters Ranch
   Utopia Colony Outskirts

Panel 3:
SFX: *Pshhh*

Panel 4:
Commodore Jeffrey Bannister: Look at that, Bridget! Ten decks... crew complement of 300... warp 9.96...
   I think we found the one!
Bridget: Let's not jump ahead, Sir. The last three ships we inspected couldn't even break orbit.
   I've started to wonder if the admiral doesn't want us actually leaving the solar system.
Jeffrey: Right, well... we just need to talk to Peters. He was supposed to meet us here...

Panel 5:
Jeffrey: Oh, there he is!
   Hello! You're Lieutenant Andre Peters?
Andre Peters: Without the "lieutenant" bit anymore, yeah.
   I suppose that makes you the commodore who thinks he can just requisition my ship.
Jeffrey: Your ship? But Admiral Benson said that--

Panel 6:
Andre: Oh, I know what he said. But he's not the one who built the Intrepid from spare parts in his backyard.
Bridget: Spare parts?
Andre: Yeah... about five ships and ten years.
   Base ship was the USS Intrepid, Constitution class.
   Couple Saratogas in there, too.
   Also a bunch of failed NX craft.
   Starfleet keeps a wrecking yard a few hundred miles from here.
Jeffrey: Well, it's a good-looking ship. Sturdy. Did I see ablative armor plating?
Andre: You sure did! And you won't believe what else is in there.
Jeffrey: We'd love to see it! But if you want us to go...
Andre: ...
   I suppose I could give you the tour first.

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