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Episode 1: Part 30

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I sometimes feel bad when I use salt on slugs. But not so much when I catch them eating my vegetables.

Comments from the tagboard:
09/10/20 03:52 AM
Pyradonis: Well, I certainly didn't expect this. xD
09/09/20 08:57 PM
Swiftbow: What address did you use? It should be I don't recall putting another on the sites at any point. (I do get a lot of spam, though.)
09/09/20 08:07 PM
BrickVoid: Thanks! I had your email address and emailed you about it but it probably got caught up in spam filters or was to an old address of yours. Thank goodness you run multiple sites with individual cboxes for each one! :D
09/09/20 07:03 PM
Swiftbow: Okay, box is up again. Apparently I renewed the one but not the other!
Wed, Sep 9th 2020, 07:01 PM
Swiftbow: That's weird... I renewed it last week.
Wed, Sep 9th 2020, 12:43 PM
BrickVoid: The cbox on Star trek: Federation Star Defemse does not work and the message field says "cbox expired" - please notify the owner that this needs to be fixed as soon as is possible! Kind regards! :D

Panel 1:
Tajaran Commander: Now melt! Melt in horrific agony!
Tajarans: Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!

Panel 2:
Commander Ezzok: What the... Is this?
Major Ulbek: Hm. It WAS theorized that Tajarans evolved from a slug-like ancestor.

Panel 3:
Colonel Hank Reynolds: It's salt.

Panel 4
Tajaran Commander: Yes! Sodium Chloride! The most terrible chemical weapon ever discovered!

Panel 5
Brown-Haired Marine: *cough*

Panel 6
Tajaran Grenadier: Sir, they're not writhing in agony.
    They don't seem to be dying at all.
Tajaran Commander: This is most puzzling.
Tajaran Soldier 2: We are many! Let us overwhelm and destroy them!
Tajaran Soldier 3: How? The bay is filled with deadly chemicals!
Tajran Soldier 1: Perhaps our guns, then.
Tajaran Commander: Yes! Use those! Resume the attack!

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