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Episode 1: Part 29

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I started adding some technical journal type info to the About page, for those who are interested!

Comments from the tagboard:
08/31/20 10:55 PM
BrickVoid: I wonder if the secret weapon Major taylor was working on got damaged in all the ensuing crossfire? :D

Panel 1:
Colonel Hank Reynolds: Get to cover!!

Panel 2:
Major Taylor: There's too many!
SFX: Ta-Zow!
Brown-haired Marine: Ack!
SFX: Ta-Zap!
Vulcan Marine: Gnnh!
Tajaran Soldiers: Gorak Pah!! Torak ta pazu!! (translations: Covering fire!! Activate the shield generator!!)

Panel 3:
Major Ulbek: Colonel!
    We'll draw their fire while you get out of there!
Hank: Negative, Mr. Ulbek! Load the shuttles! Get out the wounded out of here! Go! Go!!!!

Panel 4
Tajaran Commander: Earthlings! You have killed many of our brave warriors with your cowardly teleportation attack!
    Now suffer the consequences! The most terrible chemical weapon in Tajaran history, banned by oour own governments, shall now be levied against you!

Panel 5
Hank: Well. That doesn't sound good.
    Could use a good sniper shot, marine.
Black-haired Marine: I can't get a clean shot, sir! They've activated a shield generator!

Panel 6
Tajaran Commander: Your doom is at hand!
SFX: Ta-Doonk! Ta-Doonk! Ta-Doonk!
Hank: Everybody get down!!

Panel 7
Hank: Ulbek, run!!
Ulbek: Colonel, no!
SFX: tick tick...

Panel 8
Hank: Aghh---!!!

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