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Episode 2: Part 3

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So yeah, the ship has lights inside now! (See panel 1) May add a few more as we go along. I like the effect, though.

For those unfamiliar, Synthehol is a replacement for alcohol. It allows drinkers some of the effects of alcohol while being able to "instantly" sober up. True connoisseurs, though, (like Scotty) found the stuff abhorrent to the taste.

Oh, and I just realized this is the last episode before Christmas. So Merry Christmas!

Comments from the tagboard:
12/22/20 02:50 AM
Swiftbow: As I recall, Picard did it accidentally, mostly because he'd heard the other officers saying it. They really did treat Barclay like hell in that episode.
12/21/20 11:59 PM
BrickVoid: In the wikipedia article, they say that Captain Picard mispronounces his name. Very interesting.

Panel 1:
Location Text: Federation Space:
    Approaching the Scoggo Sector...

Panel 2:
Commander Dale Zurkett (aside): Give me a 90 Schilling Ale.
Replicator (aside): Producing 90 Schilling Synthehol.
Dale (aside): No, no. A real ale. How about Old Chub Scotch Ale?
Replicator (aside): This unit is coded to only produce healthy variants.
Dale (aside): But... argh. Fine.
Commodore Jeffrey Bannister: Right, so that's when Vice President Sniffer was--

Panel 3:
Dale (aside): Dang synthehol.
Dale: Sir... do you have a minute?
Jeff: Of course! Sit down, Dale.
    We were just discussing the mission.

Panel 4
Jeff: I think we're doing quite well for a new ship and green crew.
Andre Peters: Yes, well... except that airlock breach.
Dale: Your team sealed it fast, Andre.
    And caught the Tech Chief before he left the warp bubble!

Panel 5
Jeff: I don't like to dwell on little mishaps.
    Rawlins is fine, right?
Dale: A little frosty. A bit cranky at being in space for nearly two minutes without a suit.
    But he's, y'know... alive.
Jeff: Good. That's good.
    In retrospect, maybe I shouldn't have ordered a maintenance check on that airlock while we were at warp.
    But live and learn, right?

Panel 6
No dialog.

Panel 7
Andre: I wasn't expecting we'd need to check ANYTHING at high warp.
    The idea was to test the systems during our maiden flight.
    Which was SUPPOSED to be a shakedown. Not a battle!

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