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Episode 2: Part 6

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Speaking of Federation Star Defense, don't know if anyone has taken a close look at our custom uniforms. They have the little planet with the spaceship circling, but inside THAT logo is a little Starfleet Delta. I think you can see it pretty well on Jeff's uniform. Also, unlike the rest of Starfleet, Federation Star Defense personnel get pockets!

Comments from the tagboard:
01/12/21 03:31 PM
BrickVoid: I like it when the overconfident enemy is on the back foot, reconsidering their previous statement! :D

Panel 1:
Commodore Jeffrey Bannister: What just happened?
Commander Dale Zurkett: Hell... the gravity waves! They threw off the sensors.
    I overshot the exit point.
Lieutenant Commander Natashia Starrat: Sir, I'm detecting 20 starships in our immediate vicinity. Tajaran support cruisers and a Flying Slug.
Dale: Shields!
Lieutenant Zack LeRoux: Way ahead of you. I also polarized the hull plating!

Panel 2:
Jeffrey: What about the distress signal? Escape pods? Life signs?
Natashia: Negative, sir.
    But there are multiple debris fields.

Panel 3:
Ensign Ystelia Hylia: Sir, we're being hailed.
Jeff: Put i on screen, Ensign.
Dale (aside): All gun crews to battle stations. Identify and lock on to primary targets.

Panel 4
Admiral Bokchow: Earthling vessel! I am Admiral Bokchow.
    Soverign Overlord of the Third Tajaran War Fleet.

Panel 5
Jeff: Well, I'm Jeffrey Bannister. Sovereign, um... boss... of Federation Star Defense!
Bokchow: Federation Star Defense?
Jeff: Yes, it's a whole new thing. Massive fleet.
    By the way, did you destroy one of our ships?
Bokchow: As is our right! They burned under the might of Tajara!

Panel 6
Dale: What a bastard!
Jeff: Easy, Dale.
    Admiral, you have violated the Federation treaty with Tajara and will face a war tribunal.
Bokchow: I will face nothing!
Jeff: But for now, you must surrender or be destroyed.

Panel 7
Bokchow: Arrogant earthling. It is YOU who will be destroyed, just like your compatriots!
    Oh, you should have heard how they begged for their miserable lives.

Panel 8
Jeff: Didn't I just say we're a massive new fleet?
    The Intrepid is only the vanguard.

Panel 9
Bokchow: You will...
    You will give us a moment.

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