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Episode 1: Part 5

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Ulbek and Yaulsteren are partially KREO figures (a pretty decent Lego knockoff). They had a Star Trek license, too, so they actually have some bonafide Trek aliens! (Many are hard to find, though.)

Comments from the tagboard:
03/22/20 05:21 PM
BrickVoid: I went and voted for this comic! it's doing well, hope to see Sunday's episode when it's ready! :D

03/20/20 06:03 PM
Swiftbow: There's a button on the top right, and next to the tagboard :)

03/19/20 01:34 PM
Amethyst: Where do I vote for this comic? I'm enjoying it! :)

03/16/20 06:36 PM
Swiftbow: It's a racial trait. Like when they destroyed the human colony on Cestus-3 without any prior communication, because they jumped to "invasion!" as their first thought. But, later, after fighting Kirk and the Enterprise, they were agreeable to peace terms (and later allowed humans to resettle the colony).

03/16/20 12:32 PM
BrickVoid: The Captain of the Gorm Hegemony seems a bit quick to blame the Tajarans, about as quick as he is to change his mind once given further information on them. That seems quite bipolar of him ... :D

Panel 1:
(Shadowburn birdge)
Captain Korzon: My vessel is reporting this same slowing phenomenom.
Colonel Hank Reynolds: What about those ships?
Lieutenant Sanders: We've detected at least twenty of unknown origin.
   They're traveling at 87% of light speed, on a direct intercept course.

Panel 2:
Major Ulbek: The computer has identified the craft as Tajaran in origin.
   Large cruisers they call "Flying Slugs" alongside assorted escort ships.
Hank: Tajarans.

Panel 3:
Hank: I had enough of Tajarans on Wogglenather.

Panel 4:
Sanders: That's right... you were at the battle of Woggle 13, weren't you, Colonel?
Hank: Yeah. I nearly had a ship land on me. Fun day.

Panel 5:
Korzon: So these "Tajarans" are a belligerent race?
   We should remain and destroy their squadron.
We don't know if they're to blame for this. And the war IS over.

Panel 6:
Ulbek: There has been little contact with Tajara since the armistice, Colonel.
   At the time, the Tajarans were an anomaly: a pre-warp society that used relativistic ships to wage war against neighboring systems.
   Their weapons far outclassed their ships' engines.
Hank: do you think they could be causing this... slowing?
Ulbek: I prefer not to speculate. It does seem unlikely.

Panel 7:
Hank: Okay. Let's get some facts..
   Mr. Yaulsteren... deploy a probe. We can leave it here to monitor that fleet and figure out if they're causing the slowing.
   Meanwhile, I say for now we warp out of this turbulence and monitor from a distance.
Sergeant Yaulsteren: Launching probe, sir.

Panel 8:
Hank: Do you concur, Captain?
Korzon: They do not pose a present threat to the Gorn Hegemony. We shall fall back as well.
Sergeant Yaulsteren: Launching probe, sir.

Panel 9:
Hank: Good. Mr. McDougal, Warp Factor 3.
Lieutenant McDougal: Aye aye, sir.

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