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Episode 3: Part 16

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So... the chat over Boson's name got WAY crazier than expected. It's a joke that's, frankly, far too little for this much consternation, lol. So here's the answer!I am writing the answer in white text in case anyone still wants to guess on their own. (Highlight the text to read it)
The most well-known Ferengi in Star Trek is on Deep Space 9. His name is Quark. Bosons and quarks are both elementary particles. That's it. That's the joke.

Moving right along, we've been curious what everyone thinks of our Ferengi head! I know his lobes ARE a little small, but I had to make the head myself. (He is a base Lego head with layers of miniature glue for his skull and ears, followed by a paint job after.) We did decide, however, that it shouldn't be just artistic limitation, as OldArmourer thought. His lobes are small in universe, too!

Finally, a few episodes ago, we had this second string science officer on the bridge (since Natashia is currently commanding), so I named him Burns in the transcript. It did not occur to me at the time that his would result in him being called Mr. Burns in dialog. But hopefully his lack of physical resemblance to his more famous namesake will prevent any undue sniggering. (He doesn't even have yellow skin!)

11/21/21 07:41 AM
Oldarmourer: Looks like a new bargaining chip just hit the table, there should be room in the shuttlebay to keep those fighters safe after 'impounding' them...
11/21/21 07:39 AM
Oldarmourer: I was going to comment on the Quark/Boson part but didn't want to spoil the joke, subtle things like that are my favourite :)
11/18/21 12:57 PM
Swiftbow: I didn't mention it because I had never heard of it. Before my time! I'm familiar with some older shows (like the original Star Trek), but definitely not very obscure ones from the 70s.
11/17/21 12:18 PM
BrickVoid: The reason I don't like it as much, now, is because of the fact that it often parodied Star Trek episodes with similar plots.
11/17/21 12:15 PM
BrickVoid: @Swiftbow: Youi didn't mention Quark's name was also related to the fictional and short-lived TV series of the name "Quark". Thank goodness for small mercies, when I was young, I loved those mad antics that lot got up to, now, looking back, not as much. Still a hilariously oddball bunch of crew members for a garbage scow! :D
11/15/21 01:30 PM
Swiftbow: @Pyradonis: I'd hoped that was implied. But we will certainly be expounding on this matter!
11/15/21 12:26 PM
BrickVoid: Replicator technology is wonderful, you can safely say no actual frogs were harmed in the making of the replicated frog puffs. :D
11/15/21 12:21 PM
BrickVoid: I'm wondering, though, since this is set in space, are these military vessels modified for space travel, impulse power, and warp capabilities? They'd get absolutely nowhere in space if they were conventional fossil fueled planes, so I'm thinking there has to be more to it than that!
11/15/21 12:18 PM
BrickVoid: I can never remember names of characters from long ago, Thank you for the answer, Swiftbow! Now, as to why DaiMon Boson has four heavily armed military grade Falcon Fighter-Class Interceptors, that will take him quite a bit of explaining! :D
11/15/21 10:01 AM
Pyradonis: Relevant question: Is it forbidden to carry these ships around in one's cargo hold?

Panel 1
DaiMon Boson: Yes, see? This is better. Food and drink make conversation flow.
    You've had quite the conflict with these Tajarans!
Lieutenant Commander Natashia Staratt: Then you see our predictament.
Boson: I do! And I'll be glad to give you my first time customer discount.
    I believe 100 bars of latinum will cover my costs and small profit.

Panel 2:
Natashia: Yes, about that. Mr. Peters was somewhat accurate... Starfleet did not deign to give us any.
Boson: I see...
Natashia: However... we are aware of a sizeable quantity that is readily available for salvage.
    And we are willing to provide the coordinates as an exchange.
    Do bear in mind... we would also authorize, on our part, a license for you to legally trade in this sector.
Boson: Hm. Sounds... convenient. And a little dodgy.

Panel 3:
Andre Peters: We wouldn't lie!
Boson: Desperate people do desperate things.
    Still... I am inclined to believe you.
    In fact, I think it is likely that the latinum you mention is in the immediate area..
Andre: Why would you think that?
Boson: Our sensors are finely tuned to such things.
    I surmise it was in the hold of one of the destroyed ships?

Panel 4:
Boson: Still, uncontested salvage rights ARE worth something.
    Not 100 bars, but something.
    Let's see what we can add to the pot, hm?

Panel 5:
Science Officer Burns: Commander, I'm sorry to interrupt. But you need to see this.
    I was running some standard scans...
Natashia: I'm sure the bridge crew can--
Burns: No ma'am. I will only take a moment. I have the relevant data on this tricorder.
Natashia: Very well.

Panel 6:
Burns (aside): Can you see why I brought this to your attention?
Natashia (aside): Yes, Thank you, Mr. Burns.
Boson: In the meantime... it seems I'm the only one eating the frog puffs!
    Even replicated... they're delicious!
Andre: I guess I'll try anything once...
Boson: And, of course, chase it down with a swig of SlugO Cola!

Panel 7:
Natashia: Mr. Boson... would you care to tell me why your ship's cargo hold contains four heavily armed military grade Falcon-class Fighter/Interceptors?
    I trust you won't try to tell me you were unaware of them.
Boson: *cough*

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