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Episode 3: Part 34

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Sorry for the late update! It's very easy to underestimate the amount of time these SFX heavy installments take. Especially the fighters... SO MUCH background erasing. (I wonder if newer Photoshops are better at doing it automatically?)

On another note, the Legos have all finally been moved! And we are considering the previously unthinkable: The deconstruction of our giant Hogwarts Castle. On the one hand, it's a darn cool mass of Lego construction. On the other hand, we've gotten better (especially at color coordination), and there's an awful lot of pieces in there that could be made into some rather fun, new stuff. Also, we definitely got a lot of use out of the castle and photographed it rather extensively, lol. So, out of curiousity... what do you all think?

Comments from the Tagboard:

05/16/22 12:49 AM
Swiftbow: Sorry... Had to do a little reshoot, so the new one will be up tomorrow.
05/15/22 05:38 AM
Oldarmourer: I think it's a fine excuse to buy more bricks ;)
05/12/22 12:55 PM
BrickVoid: just tell me where it - or parts of it - cameoed. I've got a lot going on of late, not a lot of time to archive delve, although I might later on. Being out of lockdown means I can go watch movies, travel, shop, you get the general idea. I've plenty of things to do. :D
05/11/22 10:35 PM
Swiftbow: To clarify, since the castle is sectionalized, it hasn't cameoed as a castle, per se (well, it kind of did one time), but we have used various rooms and hallways. Likewise, a few parts of the Intrepid were used in Harry Potter Comics, since we were building it while that was still going on.
05/11/22 10:33 PM
Swiftbow: It already has cameoed, lol. I'll let you figure out where (more fun that way!), but it's been more than once. But still... there are potentially some more elaborate settings we may need going forward, and there are a LOT of pieces tied up in that castle.
05/11/22 10:30 AM
BrickVoid: Up to you, though, could this series use a giant castle in it? Cameo appearance, maybe? :D
05/11/22 10:29 AM
BrickVoid: Well you probably won't be able to reconstruct it in the same manner again! If you ever decide to revisit the Hogwarts series, of which the castke seened the main focus of, maybe you could just call any new Castle builds a makeover! :D
05/11/22 02:36 AM
Swiftbow: Was slow this week, sorry. It's up now!

Panel 1
Lieutenant Zack LeRoux: We're losing the shield! Any word from the ship?

Panel 2:
Commander Dale Zurkett: Yes, just now. But Natashia was talking in slow motion.
Zack: Well, that's grand.
    Also... not to make you panic or anything, but I'm on my last phaser power pack.
Dale: I won't panic. Hanky Reynolds is still on the Slug. I'm sure he can take out that Slow Dimension!

Panel 3:
Marine: I don't know how we can take out that Slow Dimension.
    This hallway's the only access, and they know it!
Major Taylor: And it's a no-go cutting through this bulkhead. It's as thick as the outer hull!
Colonel Hank Reynolds: I don't need to touch the damn machine! Just get me close!
    We need to give those pilots a target!
Taylor: We'll figure out something... Just hope our fighters can hold out a bit longer!

Panel 4:
Lieutenant Cal Bannon: What the... my warp skip isn't working!

Panel 5:
Lieutenant Doug Collins: Dammit... same here! Captain, did we overload the system?

Panel 6:
Captain Jim Grant: Negative... we're green across the board.
    I think they redirected the Slow Dimension.
Collins: Dammit... we're sitting ducks out here!
Jim: Did anyone make it out?
    Bannon, Collins, I can see you. Where's Petroski?

Panel 7:
Lieutenant Mike Petroski: Captain? It's Mike Petroski... can you hear me?
    How come none of you warp skipped with me?

Panel 8:
Mike: Or did... uh oh.

Panel 9:
Mike: Am I the only one left?

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