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Episode 1: Part 27

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27 installments in and we finally see the transporter in action! That may be a Star Trek record. I don't know what kind, since it's normally a tv show/movie format... but still!

Comments from the tagboard:
08/17/20 11:16 PM
BrickVoid: I wonder if they're going to destroy the warp nacelles so that the Tajarans can't get them?

Panel 1:
Tajaran Lieutenant: Lizardling ship destroyed, Sir! The Earthling vessel is crippled.
    Cutting beams will remove their engineering section in six yelks.
Admiral Bokchow: Excellent. Send orders to the boarding party: Recover their warp core and all fuel containers.

Panel 2:
Bokchow: Assign two cruisers to recover their nacelles.
Tajaran Lieutenant: Yes, Supreme Overlord.
Tajaran Tactical Officer: Sir! I'm detecting some energy fluctuations between the Earthling ship and our--

Panel 3:
Bokchow: Eeyargh!!
Tajarans: Glargh! Aaaggghh!

Panel 4
Lieutenant McDougal: It worked! Our torpedoes detonated just outsie their shield grid.
    I think we dealt some damage. It's hard to tell.
Colonel Hank Reynolds: Transport another cluster next to their lead cruiser.
McDougal: Energizing!
Commander Ezzok: If only we could transport the torpedoes INSIDE their shield grid.
Hank: I'll take what we can get at this point.

Panel 5
Major Ulbek: Confirmed! One cruiser destroyed. And damage to the Flying Slug is considerable.
    But the Tajarans are widening their shield bubbles to compensate.
    And clustering the fleet to protect the capital ship.
    However, their cutting beams have also ceased.
Hank: Okay, save our ammo. Get our shields back up.
McDougal: Shields restored.
Hank: How much air did we lose?
McDougal: A lot. Even with the emergency bulkheads closed, we're still leaking like a sieve. The shields were holding it in.

Panel 6
Ulbek: Indeed. Approximately 20 minutes of breatheable air remain.
Hank: That's it, then. McDougal, transport all surviving personnel and torpedoes to the shuttle bay.
McDougal: Aye, sir. Beginning procedure.
    We're not at full function. I'll take you in small groups.

Panel 7
Hank: All hands, this is Colonel Reynolds. Prep all shuttles and escape pods for immediate evacuation.
    Retrieve or destroy all sensitive material. This is not a drill. Abandon ship.
McDougal (aside): Energize!
Hank: I repeat: Abandon ship.

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