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Episode 3: Part 3

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Sorry for the delay... hopefully we're back on track, but hiccups may occur in the future again. We appreciate everybody's patience! (God, I sound like a corporate answering service...)

Comments from the tagboard:
07/04/21 08:09 PM
Swiftbow: I think you may be underestimating what is required to create antimatter. Memory Alpha (the Star Trek wiki) talks about very large scale factories for anti-deuterium production. Large starships could possibly have the means, but it would probably be quite costly and require systems to be rerouted.
07/04/21 09:15 AM
Oldarmourer: Still, if anti-matter cna be created then a starship should have the means to create it, spare dilithium crystals should be carried as well, especially since the OS episode where they had to find some replacements, we saw there that they're not very big
07/04/21 02:55 AM
Swiftbow: I would like to point out that the tech manuals are only semi-canonical. The same manual specifices dolphin and whale tanks on-board the Enterprise D for use in navigation. Take that as you will, but I think it MIGHT have been a factor in various episodes to have gigantic aquariums onboard. Especially when taking heavy damage.
07/03/21 08:39 PM
Oldarmourer: that and ejecting the warp core might not mean ejecting the anti-matter tanks too ;)
07/03/21 08:37 PM
Oldarmourer: @swiftbow, in the TNG Tech Manual, the Bussard collectors collected hydrogen, which was converted to deuterium, which was then 'give and inverted spin and particle reversal' to create anti-matter
07/01/21 02:00 AM
Swiftbow: What would naming conventions have to do with it? We've shown multiple times that the Tajaran flagship is manned, and also referenced the crew on the smaller vessels.
06/29/21 01:59 AM
BrickVoid: Interesting point, anyway, it would be rude of me to assume that any Federation officers had knowledge of Tajaran naming conventions anyway, unless they were specifically given orders to familiarize themselves with the ships and naming conventions. Given that a lot of Federation personnel don't like the Tajarans and their war, they probably would rather not remember naming conventions anyhow.
06/29/21 01:56 AM
BrickVoid: Season 2, Episode 6: " ... and a Flying Slug". Which implies that they do not have knowledge of Tajaran naming conventions.
06/29/21 01:29 AM
Swiftbow: I'm pretty certain that that was not stated at any point. They're on board the Flying Slug, which is Bokchow's flagship. Also, Oldarmourer: Bussard collectors mostly collect hydrogen for deuterium processing. They do not collect anti-matter.
06/28/21 07:02 PM
BrickVoid: I recall that a previous comic said this was an unmanned drone. The Tajarans must be rather low on their budget if they allow soldiers onto an unmanned drone. What if something went horribly wrong and the drone was badly out of control with nobody on board able to fix it? I guess the locical answer has to be somewhere in between, we shall see how this plays out.
06/28/21 12:11 PM
Swiftbow: There's several sets of code I have to change whenever a new comic is posted, and sometimes I forget something. Thanks for catching that! All is working now, though you may have to refresh.
06/28/21 11:57 AM
BrickVoid: Those hiccups will have quite a bit to do with Trenton's future. If i recall correctly, there were lots of similar hiccups when you were doing Harry Potter Comics, so I should be used to it to some extent by now.
06/28/21 09:54 AM
Pyradonis: (Small) technical issue. Pages 57 and 58 lead to the same page at the moment.

Panel 1
Narration Box: Meanwhile...
Colonel Hank Reynolds: Did you all feel that?
Major Ulbek: Yessir. I believe we have jumped to warp.
Major Taylor: Then we're too late.

Panel 2:
Hank: We don't know that, Taylor. And even if we are, it doesn't change things.
Ezzok: Doesn't it, though? Perhaps we should consider commandeering this vessel.
Ulbek: That would be unlikely to succeed.
    In the last war, vessels of this size typically carried up to 5,000 Tajaran soldiers.

Panel 3:
Hank: Okay, so that's out. But Ezzok makes a good pint. We're on our own now and we're vulnerable.
    This may sound counter-intuitive, but I think we should split up.
Taylor (aside): It does, yeah.

Panel 4:
Hank: We can't take this ship, but maybe we can cripple it. Larson, how are we on explosives?
Captain Larson: We can make a serious dent, sir.

Panel 5
Hank: Okay. Ezzok, I want you and the marines to lay explosives around the ship.
    Avoid engaging the enemy if at all possible. Secrecy is still our best chance.
Ezzok: Blow up their ship? I like this plan.
Hank: Ulbek, Taylor... we'll head to engineering and find that Slow Dimension.
Ulbek: A chance to study their Time Dilation Field rather than destroy could be beneficial.
Hank: We'll see what we can do. Maintain radio silence, text comms only.
    Move out!

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