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Episode 3: Part 7

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Some of you may have heard of Section 31 already. For those who haven't, we'll get into that next time!

Panel 1
Narration: Shortly thereafter...
Doctor T'Zel: ...It is quite unfortunate that we were unable to relay more information to you in time.
    But we are all relieved that you managed to drive the enemy off.
Commander Dale Zurkett: Not without a cost. We have twenty-four casualties.
T'Zel: Nor for us. A hundred souls did not escape the Shadowburn.
Commodore Jeffrey Bannister: But I understand your commander is still aboard the Tajaran flagship?
T'Zel: With our command staff, yes. To the best of my knowledge.

Panel 2:
Dale: You still didn't say how the Colonel was able to dock with the Slug.
    How were they not detected?
Lt. Commander Natashia Starrat: And it's curious... your rank structure is not standard Starfleet.

Panel 3:
T'Zel: I'm sorry. That information is classified.
Jeff: Classified? I'm a Starfleet Commodore. I authorize the release to this group.
T'Zel: Your authority does not extend to my organization, Commodore.
    I do offer my sincere apologies. But I am under oath and binding non-disclosure agreements.

Panel 4:
Dale: Of course... That shady-looking guy that came over to my house after Wogglenather...
T'Zel: Yes. I heard they attempted to recruit you. I was... disappointed you declined.
Dale: Section 31.
Jeff: Wow, Section 31...
    What is that?

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