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Episode 1: Part 8

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This is where you would see the show's cool opening musical intro. Maybe we can actually put one together eventually! (Or a dedicated fan could ;) But not yet... more scenes are needed first!)

Panel 1:
Phaser and disruptor beams shoot from the Grzonder and Shadowburn

Panel 2:
The beams don't get very far.

Panel 3:
The beams continue to move ridiculously slowly.

Panel 4:
Lieutenant McDougal: Colonel, is it me, or do our phasers look an awful lot like molasses?
Colonel Hank Reynolds: The slowing... it's affecting our phasers, too?!

Panel 5:
Major Ulbek: Yes... incredible... the slowing effect has actually overcome the speed of lgiht!
   Colonel, if they return fire, our shields may not--

Panel 6:
Admiral Bokchow: I see you are enjoying our Slow Dimension!
   Now taste the full might of Tajara!

Panel 7:
Torpedoes hit the Grzonder, knocking off a nacelle!

Panel 8:
Commander Ezzok: Right through our shields?!
Captain Korzon: Grzonder! Abandon ship! All hands--

Panel 9:
Torpedoes pound the Grzonder.

Panel 10:
The Grzonder explodes!
More torpedoes head for the Shadowburn.

Panel 11:
The Shadowburn's left nacelle is severed!
SFX: Torpedo Barrage!

Panel 12:
Lieutenant Sanders: Their weapons have entirely bypassed our shields!
 : : I don't understand-- GAHH!!

Panel 13:
The Grzonder's primary hull and bridge is hit by more torpedoes.

Panel 14:
Hank: Sanders? Are you...?
   Yaulsterer! Damage report! What do we have left?
Ezzok: Grra...
McDougal: Unhh...
Sergeant Yaulsteren: *cough* They've... ceased fire.
   The Grzonder is destroyed.
   We've lost the port nacelle.
   Hull breaches on decks 2, 3, and--
   ... and the bridge, sir.

Panel 15:
Hank: ... I can see that..

Panel 16:
The bridge can be seen through a gaping hole in the ship's hull.

Panel 17:
The Shadowburn hangs helplessly in space, despite shields staying up as we zoom back..

Panel 17:
And back...

Panel 18:
And back. Tajaran ships loom ever closer.

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