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Episode 3: Part 41

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Bokchow's fleet was, of course, stuck at sublight speeds in the void between Tajara and Wogglenather during the first war. But they could still receive communications!

Comments from the Tagboard:

07/17/22 03:39 PM
Swiftbow: We are using it for comms still. Doesn't mean we won't touch on how it works, though! If there's anything my brother and I enjoy, it's figuring out the logistics of sci-fi science.
07/17/22 03:38 PM
Swiftbow: A lot of the writers also think that subspace is how warp works... the episodes of TNG that worried about high warp damaging subspace, for example, and things with the "Omega Molecule." Still... we've been kind of ignoring that particular aspect because warp is better understood with real-world physics. And it does not require another universe to work.
07/17/22 05:11 AM
Oldarmourer: Like many if not most things in the Star trek universe, communications work on the 'IJD' principle...It Just Does ;)
07/12/22 02:49 PM
Swiftbow: Star Trek DOES explain the FTL communications. They utilize Subspace, which allows signals to travel faster than light. (It's kind of like hyperspace, frankly). It's a bit of a handwave, but it's been in the Star Trek lore since the beginning.
07/11/22 05:40 PM
BrickVoid: It would be required, though, if it was to get there in their lifetime. I never could figure out how Star Trek communications with the Earth worked, because it didn't seem to take too long to get a response back from them, yet, they were very far away from them. To put things into perspective, Voyager probes are more than 19 hours away at light speed. The Star Trek vessels seemed to be able to travel many times that distance, and still get communications regarding important developments or events they'd encountered on their journeys. So I don't understand why they wouldn't have had some kind of communication that would be faster than light. Warp technology certainly could augment communications systems. I'm definitely thinking it had a lot to do with it, the producers just didn't think anybody would believe it.
07/11/22 02:48 PM
Swiftbow: Subspace communication tech doesn't require warp.
07/11/22 12:41 PM
BrickVoid: How did they communicate at all at sublight speeds? It would take too long if a message was traveling even at the speed of radio. They must have had some kind of faster than light communication equipment, even if they didn't have warp technology at the time.

Panel 1:
Commander Dale Zurkett: J... just gonna shoot me then? C... coward.

Panel 2:
Admiral Bokchow: Admiral Bokchow is no coward! But I waste no time on mewling Earthlings.
Tajaran Bodyguard: My Lord, hold! I recognize this Earthling.
Bokchow: Pah. You have better eyes. They all look alike to me. Not like us.
Bodyguard: My Lord... It is Dale Zurkett! The messages from Tajara mentioned him over and over...
Bokchow: The one who brought the Federation against us?!

Panel 3:
Bokchow: This one shall not die to plasma. But my own justified hands!
Tajaran Bodyguard 2: My Lord, this is unwise...
Bokchow: Silence!
    And *ahem* You know what to do if he somehow gains the upper hand.

Panel 4:
Bokchow: Die Earthling Glarg!!!!
SFX: Reach... Dale: Gnnnnhh...

Panel 5:
Bokchow: You shall pay dearly for your crimes!
SFX: kicka-face!

Panel 6:
Dale: Y'know... *cough* it wasn't just the last war...
    I was the one who destroyed your cruisers three days ago.
Bokchow: Fool... you seek to goad me further?! Your kind has lost!

Panel 7:
Bokchow: And now... you shall suffer eternal torment in the Halls of the Slargoth!
Dale: Glrk...

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